The End Of The Global Warming Fraud

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Known Fact: This universe has succeeded on its own for billions of years. (A year is determined by “modern methods”, namely an arbitrary calendar of seasons broken down into smaller parts for the convenience of mankind.)

Known Fact: Whether one accepts the existence of a “Creator” of this universe or not, there is no logically deduced evidence (using the scientific method) that any activity by mortal men did anything to help, hinder or harm the only universe of which we are aware.

Therefore: our universe is evolving by itself – without any assistance from the current “contributions” of pseudo-intellectual, self-serving activists, often being referred to as “weather scientists”, or sometimes just as “scientists” (which includes, I suppose, dim-witted politicians and would-be dictators).

In other words: Either The Creator or “Mother Nature”( the self-acting, self-sustaining balance of perpetuation of what is and isn’t on this planet), has an achievement history which does not require assistance from political criminals with the intent of one day owning the entire world and everything in it.  Globalists, butt out!



We Know What To Do, We Just Have To Do It


pagan: One who is neither a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim; a heathen.

Barack Obama is, in the strongest terms, a pagan. He “stands with the Muslims”, as he stated in one of his books is another lie in a line of many lies. He claims now to be a Christian. A lie. He has just stabbed our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, squarely in the back. He can be most likely labeled an atheist, in the tradition of his mentors, Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky, and at least as immoral as any of those three.

The major difference between Obama and the other three would-be “saviors of the world” is that they were misguided philosophers. Obama, rather, is an egomaniacal, would-be despot whose pride and confidence have been over-inflated by the most anti-American slime bags in the world, including socialists, Marxists, Communists, and the most insidious group of all, the billionaires like Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld (all just a few of many well-known members of the Bilderberg group), the Council on Foreign Relations (Newt Gingrich’s name shows up on their roster), The Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller, The Rothschilds,
and of course, the infamous George Soros. There are many more. But I think we know where we stand in this (as of the moment) peaceful war.

There are several Presidential contenders for 2012 who understand all of the above. A few do not, but they won’t be in the play for long in the primary. We must get the traitor Barack Obama out of office. We must own both the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch after the 2012 elections. Then we can remove the implanted disease of Communism and global takeover from America – forever.
For now, we need to start picking the replacements in Congress for 2012. The fervor of the 2010 elections must be magnified many times over.



Another Lie From Obama, Trumka, and The Teacher’s Unions


Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President and spearhead of Obama’s unionizing plot for all Federal employees is now making noises to the effect of pretending to be upset because the government isn’t doing more for the unions. They have threatened to pull financial support from the Democratic Party if the government doesn’t improve its performance on their behalf. This is one big lie! Who would they support, if not the Democrats? The Tea Party?

The truth is, the news is out now that The American Communist Party is heavily involved with the anarchy and chaos of the Teacher’s Unions protest. They are choreographing the whole show, with Trumka acting as the lead dancer. It is their agenda that is being taught now to our children in the public schools.

So far, every media talking head I’ve heard has fallen for the ploy. Don’t be fooled. How can you tell if a Communist is lying? If he’s talking to a Conservative American, just see if his mouth is moving. (I know, it’s an old joke, but it fits our situation quite well.)


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