Children: Can You Say “OORAH!”?

Children: Can You Say “OORAH!”?
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageLesson of the Day: The camera doesn’t lie, only the TelePrompter does.

The Ballad of ‘Obama Killed Osama’ has hit a brick wall.  The Truth came along and did it in.

Making it worse for overworked and over paid spin meisters, after almost three years not every college student is an Obama groupie; not every little grade school kid is licking the Michelle lollipop.

Even with the plethora of frog-marching-with-left professors,  there are (Thank God) independent thinkers in every university in the land.
A Declaration of Energy Independence
By Dr. Robert R. Owens Full Story

The rising price of oil has a negative impact on our economy and threatens to stifle our anemic recovery from the government produced and bureaucratically fostered Great Recession. How did we get here? Has anyone ever pinpointed the problem beyond blaming speculators and rising demand? Has anyone shown us how our energy independence could be achieved?
Egypt’s New Rulers Must Protect the Copts, not Persecute them
By Elias Bejjani Full Story

Were we all fantasizing, naive and foolish when the recent peaceful and civilized Egyptian revolution led by the new youthful generation made us and the whole world believe that its prime objectives were stability, freedom, justice, peace, equality, democracy, openness, respect for human rights, a dignified life with no oppression, education about hatred and discrimination and a secular constitution that secures equality in rights and obligations for all Egyptians citizens of all religions?
This time the ‘ovens’ will be turned on by Hamas,  Fatah and the UN
By Dr. Laurie Roth Full Story

While all the distraction of Obama’s latest, contrived birth certificate,  debt ceiling arguments,  Osama Bin Laden’s demise and who might be the next President,  we have a potential death knell circling our best ally in the Middle East,  Israel.  Anyone home?

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