Ravening Wolf at America’s Door

Obama’s ineligibility and what Reagan would have done
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

The oath of office for US President is unique. No other Federal official is required to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

The President is the custodian of the Constitution, the fundamental laws governing our country. It is the President’s duty and solemn obligation to ensure that the foundation of our republic is not undermined.
Ravening Wolf at America’s Door
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageIn all of world history there is nothing so cunning as the unimpeded cunning of the Marxists.

In open societies where the masses go about the daily grind of getting by, the Marxists are out there turning society upside-down.  Wrong is presented as right; evil as good.  Once enough tables have been sufficiently turned upside-down,  the Marxists turn around and blame it on the other side.

Above all else the Marxists excel at the fine art of projection.  Because they lack empathy of others,  and like textbook psychopaths have no conscience,  they don’t even mind getting caught.
The Bullied Nation
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageWhen Obama inaugurated a conference on bullying by announcing that he too had been bullied, he made the one confession that no world leader should ever make. At least not a world leader who ever hopes to be taken seriously. But by this time it was doubtful that there was a world leader who didn’t know that Obama could be bullied. Many of them had been rather successful at bullying him already.

The goal of the conference, according to Obama, was to dispel the myth that bullying is “an inevitable part of growing up”. But of course it is an inevitable part of growing up. And of being grown up too. If you don’t learn how to handle bullies while growing up, you’ll have to learn those same lessons later on in life.
Sex, Lies & the TSA
By Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann Full Story

imageThe psychic fluidum- that is, the peculiar atmosphere—of totalitarian dictatorship is created by two closely related phenomena, propaganda and terror. […] Its chief characteristic is the deliberate effort to intimidate. […] A pervasive atmosphere of anxiety and a general sense of insecurity are the subjective concomitants of such terror. Often the victims of such terror are quite unaware of their own psychic states.
Excerpted from Totalitarian Dictatorship & Autocracy by Carl J. FRIEDRICH and Zbigniew K. BRZEZINSKI; Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers; Second Edition © 1956. 1965 (emphasis added)

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