Oh Sweet America, What have we done?

By Marion Valentine

We have tried to feed the world, when we have so many hungry at home.

We have tried to export our values, when we are throwing them away at home.

We elect leaders in good faith to serve We The People, only to find they serve only themselves.

Almost  fifty percent of  Americans believe they have the right to that which others have earned, and keep voting for the same liars who promise them a life of ease with no effort on their part. They will continue to vote for the same crooks because as long as an occasional crumb falls from the table, the dog will continue to beg and lick the master’s hand.

There are those who believe God  does not exist, and moral values are old fashioned, that anything goes as long as it is between two consenting adults, and does not harm anyone else.

There is only one place where God is not present, and that is Hell which He created as the domain of Satan for the eternal place of damnation for the wicked. So for those who wish to live in a world with no God, I suggest they go to Hell, and may God speed their journey.

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