Obama’s ineligibility: May the Constitution rest in peace

By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

The Supreme Court can pack up shop. We won’t need it anymore.

The political elites will now decide what parts of the Constitution they will choose to follow and which ones they prefer to ignore. Their propaganda ministry, the main stream media, will provide the necessary thought control.
A Few Good Political Opportunists
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

First term elections usually bring out two types of candidates. The obligatory candidates and the unexpected candidates.

The obligatory candidates are men dry and stale as old toast, who have packed in enough favors to be party stalwarts. They aren’t really there to win, but to place. To remind everyone that the Republican party still exists and isn’t so bad really. Not the people you might want to choose this time around, but keep your eye on us next time when we really decide to give it the old college try.
Renewable Electricity Mandates Raise Prices and Kill Jobs
By Jack Dini Full Story

Renewable electricity mandates are causing electricity prices to rise and killing jobs in the states that have enacted them. “Electricity prices are already nearly 40 percent higher in states with an REM (renewable electricity mandate). While the renewable mandates may not be the only reason electricity prices are higher in those states, these mandates likely contribute to higher prices and certainly are not helping to decrease the price,” reports a recent study from the Institute for Energy Research. (1)
Bin Laden Death Photo: Obama Breaks from History, America Losing Spine
By Paul Ibbetson Full Story

It is said that a picture says a thousand words. When it comes to today’s politically correct world, presenting some pictures may say even more. President Barack Obama’s refusal to submit the death photo of the number one terrorist behind 9/11, Osama bin Laden, is a fundamentally flawed decision full of negative consequences.  The President’s decision appears to be based on a concern that terrorists around the world will be inflamed to a higher level if bin Laden’s death becomes public through pictures.
Obama’s cryptic Easter Message
By Judi McLeod Full Story

It’s week two of the Obama Killed Osama news hole.  “Obama Killed Osama and we got the 72 versions” could be the epitaph that’s proving the most enduring.

The bending over backward style to the enemies of the Republic, a signature of the   Obama administration, may have peaked.
An Experienced Combat Veteran Refutes Unjust bin Laden Killing Charges
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

I am sorry to have to disagree with fellow Canada Free Press writer Kelly O’Connell about the killing of Usama bin Laden; my sense is that we were perfectly justified in performing that service for peace loving mankind.

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