Next for Obama? Four More Years, or Trial in Nuremberg?

By John W. Lillpop
As President Obama continues to “spike the football,” while pretending not to, in celebration of his “great kill” of Osama bin Laden, speculation about the president’s future is all over the map.

Some, like Barbara Walters for example, believe that Obama’s miraculous makeover from recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize to a potential war crimes defendant makes the president virtually unbeatable in 2012.

Walters has even suggested that the 2012 should be cancelled, given Obama’s lock on reelection.

And why not?

So what if the economy remains stuck on dormant and seemingly headed for a double-dip recession?

So what if unemployment is still at 9 percent more than two years after Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus fiasco was enacted?

So what if the national debt is at $14.3 trillion, which caused Standard and Poors to downgrade the outlook for the U.S. to negative?

So what if millions of home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies continue to ruin lives from coast-to-coast?

So what if gasoline is headed to $5 or more per gallon along with runaway inflation in food and other essentials?
So what if this president has led America into a third war on Muslim soil?

So what if the president’s vaunted health care reform bill has been ruled unconstitutional in two separate decisions and appears headed for the scrap bin?

So what if 70 percent of Americans believe that the nation is headed in the wrong direction?

None of that matters because Barack Obama utilized the intelligence apparatus, including “harsh interrogation techniques” bequeathed to him by George W. Bush to connect all the dots and take out the evil Osama bin Laden.

Before May 2, the greatest accomplishment on Obama’s watch was receipt of the Nobel Peace prize for 14 whole days of faithful service in the Oval Office. Since then, Obama has increased the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, fired more than 100 Cruise missiles into Libya, and orchestrated the execution of an unarmed terrorist!

Amazingly enough, the leftist media and Democratic stalwarts have praised Obama for his decision to send Navy SEALS into Abbotabad, Pakistan rather than using drone predators. For this, Obama received lavish praise for his courage and willingness to take risk.


Good heavens, how much courage does it take to send Navy SEALS into combat while the president sits in front of a TV monitor 10,000 away from the action?

The only real courage, of course, was displayed by the Navy SEALS who risked their very lives to get Obama the DNA evidence needed to convince a skeptical world that OBL is truly history.

Given the fact that many conflicting versions of the raid surfaced right after the terrorist was declared dead and have yet to be satisfactorily resolved, it appears as though Obama may yet be forced to answer some tough questions about the legality of his great kill.

Which again fosters the burning question: Next for Obama? Four More Years, or Trial in Nuremberg?

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California
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