Obama Deserves Little to No Credit

Only ‘proof’ of Bin Laden death to be worn on T-Shirts?
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageIn the end the only picture we will likely ever see as “proof” of a dead Osama bin Laden will be the one on “Obama Killed Osama” T-shirts.  Call it the epitaph of the trendy junk society in which we’re now living.

The advent of the Junk Society was all but inevitable once politicians of the day were able to successfully junk the truth.
Killing the Bin Laden Within
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageA group of Navy SEALS may have stormed a Pakistani garrison town and taken off the top of Bin Laden’s head, but he still lives on in the heads of the political establishment. The big Bin Laden has gone to feed the sharks, but it is the little Bin Laden who dictated that he receive a Muslim burial, forbade the release of the death photos and warned off the town of Virginia Beach from celebrating their hometown heroes.

It was never the big Bin Laden that the West was afraid of, but the little one. A small turbaned figure that sits in the heads of the establishment and drives its officials and legislators to wonder if they have somehow upset the Muslims this day.

The big Bin Laden could never have imprisoned an American in his own country for even thinking about protesting a mosque. Not with any amount of death or carnage. The big Bin Laden could never have gotten newspapers to refuse to print the Mohammed cartoons. He could kill us, but he could never make us censor ourselves.
Obama Deserves Little to No Credit
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

imageFirst let me offer my heartiest congratulations and kudos to our northern neighbors on the almost total obliteration of the liberals in their political offices.  May we here in the United States be as fortunate in November, 2012.

I’m sorry, America, but I can’t join in the celebration of Osama bin Laden’s demise.  It’s not that I am not happy this villain is dead, it’s just that I don’t want to honor the lies that our disgraceful snippet of a deluded leader is slavering all over anyone foolish enough to listen. He is making it sound as if HE planned and led the troops in the execution of the entire exercise.  He also sounds close to claiming credit for it being his idea for several years.  On 9/11/01 he was probably out hustling the neighborhoods in his community activist role.
Bin Laden Burial Account Requires Better Explanation
By Trevor Westra Full Story

One of the more peculiar storylines emerging from this week’s news that U.S. Navy Seals successfully killed the elusive Islamic-terrorist figurehead Osama bin Laden at a fortified compound in urban Pakistan was the surprising manner in which U.S. officials allegedly disposed of his remains. While it is certainly understandable that the Obama administration would want to avoid entombing his dead body, thereby allowing his followers a location which they could turn into a mausoleum for generations of al-Qaeda sympathizers, affording bin Laden a full religious funeral complete with body washing and Arabic rites was a questionable move.

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