Behind the giddy giggles: Who Obama really is

Mosaic of lies, misrepresentations, blatant insults and a shameful mockery
Obama’s “Nixonian” moment?

By Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann Full Story

We hope you’ve saved the duct tape you purchased at the urging of the DHS a few years ago, as it could come in handy to as a head wrap to keep your head from exploding from the curious events of this past week.  Should you find no need to do so, you might wish to send your extra rolls to the corporate media, Obama loyalists, operatives and progressives so they can use it to hold together their mosaic of lies and misrepresentations that have turned into blatant insults and a shameful mockery of anyone searching for the truth about the valid constitutional issue of presidential eligibility.
Behind the giddy giggles:
Who Obama really is

By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageSelf-aggrandized-Powerhouse-behind-the-Oval-Office-Valerie Jarrett advises the world today that her boy Obama will not be releasing his college records anytime soon.

Pardon the people, Ms. Jarrett, but when were you elected?

You unquestionably have the right to your opinion.  But so do We the People.
Lebanon uses its seat on the Security Council to block any Council press statement critical of Syria
United Nations Security Council Takes A Powder On Syria

By Joseph A. Klein Full Story

The United Nations Security Council has reverted to its usual modus operandi – inaction. On April 27th, after receiving a detailed report by the UN’s Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, Lynn Pascoe, on the violence unleashed by the Syrian government against its own people, the Council members were unable to agree on a simple press statement calling on the Syrian government to stop its brutality.
Are “we the people” being set up for something?
Some Questions about the Obama Birth Certificate

By Jim O’Neill Full Story

After researching the new Obama long form COLB (Certificate Of Live Birth), I’m left with three questions: Are they really that stupid? Do they think that “we the people” are that stupid? Are “we the people” being set up for something?
Stupid people are running the show, and have been for decades
New Sheriff in Town Ann Barnhardt:  Fearless against Islam and the Obama Syndicate

By Sher Zieve Full Story

A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me a video of a lady who not only speaks up against the oppression of Islam and the Obama syndicate but, is not afraid to have her singularly articulate views placed before the entire world.  Therefore, I contacted her.  As you will see below, Ann is fearless.
Natural born citizens, Political Elites, Main Stream Media, Obama’s eligibility
Obama has declared war on the Constitution

By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

It is now the patriotic duty of individual states to rescue the United States.

Before the 2012 election, we must push our state legislatures to pass laws requiring Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to prove that they are natural born citizens i.e. born in the United States, of citizen parents at the time of birth, in order for them to appear on the state ballot.

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