Obamas not welcome in America’s garden

Obama’s ineligibility for dummies
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story

imageOn August 28, 2008, Representative Nancy Pelosi, then Chair of the Democratic National Convention signed an official Certification of Nomination verifying that Barack Obama was legally qualified to serve as President of the United States under the provisions of the United States Constitution.

I would like to know what Constitutional criteria were used by Rep. Pelosi to make that determination and what evidence she provided to support her contention.

The issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility must be resolved now before the 2012 election. It is incumbent on those, who authorize his place on the ballot to cite the legal bases for making such a claim.
Obamas not welcome in America’s garden
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageWhile the doomsayers continue to sing the Swan Song of Americans in loud and screeching voices,  most Americans are covering their bases, Dub and Deb style.

Dub and Deb are the husband and wife team behind Ridin’ Out the Recession, now the fastest growing feature on Canada Free Press.

In the mounting political unrest sent almost daily from the Obama Regime, real life continues sunrise to sunset. No one needs permission from the Oval Office to survive.

Obama’s message, omnipresent only two years ago, is becoming more and more blurred. People are tuning out on his running dog news networks and tuning in to the Internet and to talk show radio.
The Unsolved Problem of Labor
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story Both national and local newspapers have made a great show of commemorating the Triangle Waist Company fire, a horrifying event in which women working in a sweatshop burned alive or fell to their deaths. The Triangle fire was not the only example of sweatshop abuses, but it was the most horrifying, and even a 100 years later it is being used by labor advocates to make a point. But that point may not be what they think it is

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