Pelosi, why the two Certifications of Nomination?

Proofers and Birthers Get a Boost from Trump
By Jim O’Neill Full Story

“Nobody comes forward.  Nobody knows who he is until later in his life.  It’s very strange.”Donald Trump on Obama

Proofers want PROOF that Obama is who he says he is.  While birthers focus mainly on Obama’s birth certificate, or rather lack thereof, proofers are more concerned with the overall cover-up—the astonishing paucity of verifiable information about Obama’s life.
Obama Promises El Salvador New Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

Well, he’s still at it; giving our country away just as if he were born to it and all of its wealth and assets are his to give away at his pleasure.  I once likened him in a column to a drunken sailor, for which I was seriously chastized by a former drunken (?) sailor who was offended to have me compare him to the usurper charlatan in our White House.
Pelosi, why the two Certifications of Nomination?
By Lawrence Sellin Full Story


We can handle the truth.

It seems that former Speaker of the House and Chair of the Democratic National Convention, Nancy Pelosi, might have made a mistake similar to that made by Colonel Nathan R. Jessup (Jack Nicholson) in the movie “A Few Good Men”.
The Known Unknowns of Libya
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

The Libyan war may be dumbest war we have ever stumbled into. It is a war where the Secretary of Defense has admitted we have no national interest, a war where we don’t know on whose behalf we’re fighting or why we’re even there. A war that the White House did not bother to run by either congress or the American people, except after the fact. A war that appears to be fought at the behest England, France, their oil companies, and a motley collection of Libyan rebels ranging from former regime thugs to Al Qaeda.

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