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This is a follow-up to our “The 3% Solution” video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDufwnkroy8
We must develop our own oil reserves in America if we have any chance of saving our economy and preserving the American way of life.  It is that serious.  Today, oil is the life blood of the American standard of living and commerce.  If our own oil is restricted, as it has been for over 30 years, we are in serious danger of a supply disruption from our foreign suppliers (it’s happening right now in Libya) that could trigger the destruction of American freedom, liberty and sovereignty.  The destruction is already under way on many fronts.  Oil is just one of those fronts.
What the environmentalists and government have done to this country by limiting our own oil reserve production, borders on treason.  A foreign government couldn’t have hatched a better plot to bring America down ….. without a shot being fired.  Restoring our own oil production to 1970 levels would keep our own money in America, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, increase our wealth and raise our economy out of the recession in which criminally negligent government actions have put us.  Many oil-rich states would come out of bankruptcy from those new jobs and wealth, created from developing their known oil reserves.
Rest assured that Russia, China and India aren’t cutting back their oil reserves.  They are gobbling up oil and other energy resources around the globe.   Only America is being asked to curtail their energy resources.  Why?
Help us spread the message to open up, on-and-off shore areas for immediate drilling.  We will send you, FREE OF CHARGE, “The 3% Solution” and “Drill For Oil” window stickers.  Log on to our website at www.narlo.org/solution.html and get your window stickers today.  Demonstrate your support  for restoring America’s energy independence by passing this message on to as many other Americans as you can.  The impact of this effort will depend on the size of those who believe in the message and will commit to propagating it.
Only the people of America can save America, but it will take at least 3% of the population (10,000,000 people and thus “The 3% solution”) who are of one mind and will focus all of their energy on one problem at a time.  We contend that the most pressing issue of our time is our economy and the quickest way to bring down gas prices and increase jobs is to focus “Our 3%” energy on getting the politicians to open up all known oil reserves in America for drilling.  Even just the action of opening up the reserves for drilling will bring down gas and other prices, long before any of the oil could be produced.  If we do nothing, gas prices will continue to rise to a point that will send our economy into a tail spin and it will make 9% un-employment look like a picnic.  The longer we wait to get involved, the quicker will come America’s destruction.  Become a member of “The 3% Solution“.
Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848
Website: www.narlo.org
  1. #1 by YJ Draiman for Mayor on March 27, 2011 - 4:34 pm

    Generating Energy Storage & A Combination Renewable Energy System

    “It is cheaper to save energy than make energy”

    Any renewable energy system that is installed should have extra capacity and be able to convert water into hydrogen which will be used to power a hydrogen generator as a back-up power source.

    We should install a renewable energy system that utilizes solar & wind, when possible add geothermal to the mix.

    A design is needed for a renewable energy system that can generate electricity and heat water with a step down mixer allowing the system to provide water hot enough for radiant heating and at the same time utilize a step down mixing valve to reduce the water temperature to be able its use for hot water in normal consumption.

    A thermal renewable energy system may be able to provide both.

    Prior to sizing up a renewable energy system, an energy audit should be conducted and energy efficiency recommendations should be implemented, that includes changing habits in utilizing energy and utilities in general.

    Habitual changes can save between 20 to 50% of energy & utility consumption.
    When people are considerate not to waste, they save resources and money.

    YJ Draiman, Energy/Utility Analyst

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