Dancing Puppets or Free Men: Revised

By: Marion Valentine

U.S. Navy Intelligence Service(Disabled)

After many years of infiltration, indoctrination and demoralization, (see the Communist Party U.S. goals as entered in the Congressional Record Jan. 1963)( Also see the 1984 Video interview with Yuri Bezmenov,  here Yuri Bezmenov Uploaded by onmyway02 ), the “uber rich” elitists, the puppet masters of the useful idiots they used to promote their goal of One World Governance with them in control of all the worlds resources, selected and trained a young bi-racial man to become their puppet to destroy America and move all countries of the world closer to One World Governance.

The training began  in Hawaii when their “Puppet” was only ten years old at the knee of his mentor Frank Marshall Davis. The training continued In  colleges in the U.S  by the radical Socialist professors the puppet was instructed to seek out. Additional “on the job” training as a Community Organizer was received in Chicago.

Every aspect of Obama’s career was orchestrated, choreographed and financed by his puppet masters abetted by the useful idiots in the educational system, the judicial system, the corrupt Chicago political system, and the useful idiots in the U.S. Congress.

The useful idiot puppets in the media shaped the Nation’s Opinion of Bush and The war in Iraq, resulting  in the “useful Idiot” takeover of both houses of Congress. From 1999 till 2006 the useful idiot puppets in Congress blocked the regulation of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac “creating” a  financial crisis, then Uber Rich cronies executed a 2 hour electronic run on the banks to the tune of 550 Billion dollars which sent the economies of the entire world into a tailspin and ensured Obama’s selection.

Observations of Obama’s words and actions show that he and rest of the useful idiots dance in perfect lock step on their strings controlled by the puppet masters.

The question Patriots of America: Will you cut the strings of the puppet masters and sweep the  puppets they have been controlling into the garbage heap, or will you do nothing and soon find that YOU are now nothing But a puppet dancing on the strings of the “Ruling Elite” puppet masters?

Marion A. Valentine, U.S. Navy Intelligence Service(Disabled)

The comments below were sent to me via email from a very wise Russian I am honored to call my Friend…..Val

Posted by: Rostislav

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

In my opinion the final question for the American patriots should be even simpler: will you start to think? Some 15 years ago the British author John Laffin has written an excellent research, where he proved that all Hitler’s aims  were not in any way secret – his clear texts and speeches were quite available to anyone with ability to think. The Germans preferred not to think, but to shout happily “Heil”, so no wonder that a few years later their country was in ruins. The book’s title is “Hitler Warned Us”. But wouldn’t it be as good title for the American voters too: “Obama Warned Us”? Because he did warned! And still the voters preferred not to think over his clearly socialist roots or his clearly racist views, but to shout happily “Hope and Change!” The economical results of just two his “changing” years were ruinous even for such a mighty economic as yours. Think, please think next time, dear patriots! Another fit of happy shouting may!
well be devastating for the whole free world, whose leader your great country is still remaining for the present. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I’d be most proud to join your noble efforts, dear Val, – it would be a true honor for me (with a chance of omitting the extra “aims” in my too hurried text, I hope)! How are things going with me? As thrilling, as they should be going during another good working springtime in my furniture industry magazine. After the happy Tasmanian summer months in my daughter’s family our Russian spring seems to be rather cool (around minus 10C still), but, being a devoted bookworm, I brought from Tasmania a whole caseload of reading treasures (Professor Kengor’s “Dupes” was surely the greatest of them for the present), so no spring snowstorms can prevent me from being happy both with my writing duties and with my reading pleasures. I’d be most happy to hear from you too, apart from your excellent CFP articles – your respectful Slava.

  1. #1 by Denise Tinsley on March 24, 2011 - 5:20 pm

    This is good. I agree totally but where do we go from here? I saw this quote this morning and it is along the same lines.

    “It is futile to wonder about the policies or the intentions of the present admin. Whether the whole admin. or any one of its members is consciously dedicated to the destruction of American business, it does not matter. What does matter is that if any of them are, they have the machinery to accomplish it and no opposition; a culture without goals, values or political principles can offer no opposition to anything.”
    ~ Ayn Rand

    Not sure what to do anymore. Most of the people are not concerned because they don’t have a vision. They trust the elected people are looking out for them. They voted for them. It seems like about 50% of people are aware of the danger and the other 50% are blissfully unaware. As a people we are divided, watered down and without a dream for our country.

    • #2 by marionvalentine66 on March 24, 2011 - 5:33 pm

      Denise, we must educate ourselves and others..and resist peacefully as long as possible, but if necessary be ready to die or kill to keep our freedom.

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