Mr. Obama, is without question a megalomaniacal Marxist

Empty Suits Are Dangerous

By Dr. Gerald Stephens  Sunday, March 13, 2011

This description of a garment is generally employed as a derogatory appraisal of a deficient intellect wanting of any substance or redeeming quality. One so identified is ordinarily ignored as pragmatically harmless. They are rarely but sometimes found as a chief executive officer, having been the only genetic descendant to the family business, and amazingly more frequently in political office at various levels of importance, this last category demonstrably dangerous.

Empty suits, depending on the designer or sartorial splendor, are not in demand. Many will, however, remember ‘pet rocks’ becoming a must have. They, unlike Enron and Bernie Madoff, were non-threatening unless you were hit in the head with one. The prudent avoided being clobbered by the first but bought into the second with a passion.

So it came to pass that a well groomed empty suit became a fashion statement, a cultural icon to a portion of the public particularly because of its color, the first black suit in the closet. Many did not care what the color was so long as it was not empty.

As a child when attending a ‘Jersey shore boardwalk auction’ I fell for the pitchman’s tantalizing and alluring spiel and emptied my piggybank for junk, that as a child. Other mistakes were to come but never again one to match the empty pocket episode.

The selection of Barack Obama to be president of the United States of America not only smashed the hell out of our collective piggybank, it defiled our constitution, polluted moral norms, corrupted the political process beyond the most cynical examples on record, and destroyed the nation’s creditability among the nations of the world, just to start with..

Surely, the time worn political question of, are you better off now than you were, has become mandatory? In a flash, the answer is an unequivocal no. Even the presidency of James Carter did not come close to the level of buyers remorse suffered at present. Carter at the lowest level of approval never generated any doubt that he was an American, albeit, of questionable competence.

Mr. Obama, on the other hand, is without question a megalomaniacal Marxist. There appears to be no creditable reason to doubt the sincerity of his political philosophy. He spoke of it repeatedly during the primaries and national campaign but the color of the empty suit abetted by the passion driven chorus noise simply overwhelmed a rational analysis of just how empty the suit actually was.

But that was then and this is now. Think of the destruction he has wrought to our great nation in the first half of his dictatorial control of the government. Imagine then the further carnage that will surely occur, as does the darkness of the perfect storm. If you have children, imagine their future dealing with the truly catastrophic conditions they will inherit if the current insanity is not stopped.

The latest vision includes legislators fleeing the responsibility of their office to coerce against government policy they disagree with, organized union thugs being bussed into a state capital to enforce their demands, this accompanied by death threats to elected officials and their families, all orchestrated and encouraged by the person occupying the White House, the young being indoctrinated not in the history and greatness of America but rather alternate lifestyles, all classic Marxist and Fascist operational mechanisms, all Obama’s CHANGE…destroy all existing values of the society to be replaced by the New Order

Exactly where does the responsibility to stop this destruction reside? The founders of this Nation proclaimed it to be with the citizens. They warned that your liberty and freedom can only continue to exist if you are prepared to defend it. You must decide if you and your children will live under constitutional government or Obama’s CHANGE.

Impeachment of the first Marxist president will require great moral courage. The New Order has carefully cultivated its forces to react violently and they will. The disturbing preview of Wisconsin will be repeated and expanded in the attempt to frighten you into submission. In 1776 the invading English armies swarmed over our towns, villages, and countryside to not only intimidate and kill but to extinguish freedom and liberty. In 1812 they invaded again burning our capital, Washington, to the ground. In each instance the American people decided that preserving the nation’s liberty was more important than life itself. We the people banded together in thunderous resistance. We the people won. Our country was saved.

It is time to unleash that thunder again. The Marxist invasion must be destroyed.



Dr. Gerald Stephens  Bio

Dr. Gerald Stephens Most recent columns Dr. Gerald Stephens is a former Marine and retired Chiropractic Physician, a member of the NRA and a strong Constitutionalist.  Gerald can be reached at:

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