By Judi McLeod — Thursday, October 16, 2008
Last night’s final presidential debate proved once again that Senator
Barack Obama talks a lot, but really says nothing—nothing you can count
on when he tells another whopper. (here).


Time is closing in on the 11th hour of Election ’08 but the search for the real Obama is still on.

If Obama steps out of the fog through the scavenger hunt for his
birth certificate and unanswered questions about his alliance to Islam
into the Oval office, he will usher in a new socialist America.

Concerns about Obama, the closet Muslim, fit right in with
Obama, the Marxist.  Marxists, always difficult to pin down, work hand
in hand with radical Islam.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (“Carlos the Jackal”) wrote in his book, L’islam revolutionnaire (Revolutionary Islam) that “only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.”

There can be little mistake that the United States of America,
in throwback scenes to the Roman Empire, is being attacked from within.

Even before the economic meltdown, the landscape of Election
’08 could be compared to soap opera, a shock in every episode, with the
proverbial plot continuing to thicken.

Throughout all, Obama was like the errant husband.  Confronted with the facts of his affair, he clings to constant denial.

Don’t count on the tragically hip mainstream media to portray
Obama for what he really is anytime before Nov. 4, 2008:  a cog in a
well-oiled machine.  Obama is the charismatic puppet of George Soros
and other creators, who have worked for decades to deliver America over
to Socialism.

Like the malcontents exploited by al Qaeda operatives, who
recruit among prison populations, Obama was fertile ground.  But in his
way, Obama is deadlier because he makes the White House the destination
for the airtight agenda of his Marxist masters.

Difficult to keep up with the shock-a-day associations of
Obama, the latest being ACORN registering Mickey Mouse as a voter and a
Kansas City couple finding a donation to the Obama campaign they never
made, courtesy of their own credit card.

Worry is all that comes from being told it’s possible that not Obama but his mentor William Ayers is the real author of Dreams of My Father.

False hope is all that comes from elusive proof of Obama’s birth certificate.

Loss of individual freedom and the end of an era is what will
come to pass if the next President of the United States is a Marxist.

Only the American electorate can stop Obama from becoming the 44th president of the United States.

Don’t count on John McCain or the mainstream media to tell you who Barack Obama really is.

Proof is in the Public Record.

“The public record is our only proof,” says former Naval Intelligence Officer Marion Valentine.

“In 1963, while serving in Navy Intelligence (1958-1967), I read
the FBI file on Frank Marshall Davis.  He had outlined the Communist
plan to take over America from within, by installing educators at all
levels of our educational system, gaining control of the media, getting
Liberal judges appointed, recruiting, training and backing people to be
elected to public office.

“I have researched every piece of legislation I can find that
the Liberal Democrats have passed since the early sixties, and if you
will research for yourself, you will find that they have been slowly
moving this country toward Socialism.

“When Obama announced he was running for President as an
unknown with only one major speech at the DNC (that the DNC and MSM
made so much fuss over), he aroused my old intel suspicions.  So I
started researching.

“I have not found any evidence to convince me he is a Muslim,
bur I did find his radical associations were unusual.  I found Frank
Marshall Davis, who had fled from Chicago to Hawaii when Obama was 12
years old, was Obama’s mentor from then till Davis died in 1987.

“Davis put Obama in touch with the Socialist Party in Chicago (called the New Party) which Ayers is also a member of,
(emphasis added) therefore the first “Planned” contact with Ayers.  The
New Party helped launch and finance Obama’s political career.
Obama…selected, trained, groomed and scripted to become the “puppet”
leader of the United Socialist States of America.

“Since I am in the 4th and final stage of congestive heart
failure and will be lucky to live long enough to see the next president
take office, why should this election matter to me?  Why does Obama’s
statement, that he wants a National Civilian Security Force” as strong
and as well funded as our military (conjuring up images of the
old-style USSR police state) matter to me?

“It’s simple…I love America,” says Valentine.

The public record states clearly on Obama’s commitment to Socialism.

Even though no major mainstream media outlet has ever reported it,

“Web archives confirm Barack Obama was a member of Chicago’s Socialist “New Party” in 1996.” (politicallydrunkblogspotcom, Oct. 8, 2008).

“In June sources released information that during his campaign
for the State Senate in Illinois, Barack Obama was endorsed by an
organization known as the Chicago “New Party”.  The New Party was a
political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America
(the DSA) to push forth the socialist principles of the DSA by focusing
on winnable elections at a local level and spreading the Socialist
movement upwards.”

In North America, Marxism never comes through the front door of
federal elections, but sneaks in the back door of civic elections and
school boards, whose elections are dogged by public apathy.  Americans
have only to look northward to Canada to see Marxists elected to
Toronto and Vancouver City Halls and school boards.

In the Chicago experience, “the admitted Socialist
Organization experienced a moderate rise in numbers between 1995 and
1999.  By 1999, however, the Socialist “New Party” was essentially
defunct after losing a Supreme Court challenge that ruled the
organizations “fusion reform platform as unconstitutional.

But their tentacles had already spread, and story begins rather than ends there.

“After allegations surfaced in early summer over the “New Party’s
endorsement of Obama, the Obama campaign along with the remnants of the
New Party and Democrat Socialists of America claimed that Obama was
never a member of either organization, The DSA and “New Party” then
systematically attempted to cover up any ties between Obama and the
Socialist Organizations.  However, it now appears that Barack Obama was
indeed a certified and acknowledged member of the DSA’s New Party.” (

The deceit that transpired in order to remove any trace of Obama-the-Socialist/Marxist is mind-boggling.

Back to the politicallydrunk blogspot:

“On Tuesday, I discovered a web page that had been scrubbed from the
New Party’s website.  The web page, which was published in October
1996, was an Internet newsletter update on that year’s congressional
races.  Although the web page was deleted from the New Party’s website,
the non-profit Internet Archive Organization (emphasis added) had archived the page.

“From the October 1996 update of the DSA “New Party’: “New
Party members are busy knocking on doors, hammering down lawn signs,
and phoning voters to support NP candidates this fall.  Here are some
of the key races…

Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary).”

(Proof of the above can be found through the WayBack Machine.)

Suppose for a minute that the information gleaned from the NP web page was erroneous.

Empirical proof that Barack is a socialist exists in the Progressive Populist magazine in November 1996.

“New Party members and supported candid dates won 16 of 23
races, including an at-large race for the Little Rock, Ark., City
Council, a seat on the country board for Little Rock and the school
board for Prince George’s County, Md.  Chicago is sending the first New
Party member to Congress, as Danny Davis, who ran as a Democrat, won an
overwhelming 85% victory.
New Party member Barack Obama was uncontested for a State Senate seat from Chicago:

“The Democratic Socialist Party of America published in their July/August Editor of New Ground 47 Newsletter:

The Chicago New Party is increasingly becoming a viable
political organization that can make a different (sic) in Chicago
politics.  It is crucial for a political organization to have a solid
infrastructure and visible results in its political program.  The New
Party has continued to solidify this base…
The NP’s ’96
Political Program has been enormously successful with 3 of 4 endorsed
candidates winning electoral primaries.  All four candidates attended
the NP membership meeting on April 11th to express their gratitude.
Danny Davis, winner in the 7th Congressional District, invited NPers to
join the Campaign Steering Committee.  Patricia Martin, who won the
race for Judge in the 7th Subcircuit Court, explained that due to the
NP she was able to network and get experienced advice from progressives
like Davis. Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate
District, encouraged NPers to join in his task force on Voter and
Education and Voter Registration.

In other words, Obama’s presidential platform of change is not even
his own.  Change is what Socialists have wanted for American for

Mainstream media hype notwithstanding, Obama is not “The
Messiah”, “The Anointed One”, the Rock Star, the Cult Leader, the First
Black President, Your Agent for Change or Messenger of Hope.

To quote the Bible Ecclesiastes 1:9: “What has been is what will be, And what has been done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.”
Obama is the programmed robot of the global elite, working to usher in
what some call a pre-orchestrated financially challenged world, The
United Socialist States of America.


Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years
experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also
worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

Judi can be emailed at:

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