End of an error Why Obama Will Be Defeated in 2012

Obama: No actions, but strong words
The mewlings of Gadaffi’s son, the president

By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageWhy is it that only when the spotlight of revolution is thrown upon the despots of the mid East we find out about their riches of ill gotten gains?

Politicians from western countries were trucking openly with Moammar Gadaffi long before protesters came to call for his ouster in Libya.

Canadian Rob Kirby was right on the money when he posted this comment: “When Bernie Madoff absconded with roughly 65 billion worth of assets—it seems to me—NO ONE WAS FORTHCOMING with details where a bloody cent of it was hidden.  Has anyone noticed how the whole frikken world seems to know EXACTLY where Gadaffi has “hidden” ALL of his money and how quickly these assets have been frozen???
Despite all the hysteria and Islamophobia-mongering, Islam isn’t on trial here
A Rally at Times Square and a Time for a Muslim Moral Reckoning

By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageThe occupant of the White House’s middle name is Hussein, every school curriculum lists a whitewashed history of Islam that ignores the genocides and atrocities, and there are now more positive depictions of Muslims on TV, than there are of Christians and Jews combined. But Muslims in America still aren’t happy.

From all the wailing and boohooing, you might think that mosques were being shelled, the way Muslims are attacking monasteries in Egypt. Or that Muslim politicians were being gunned down in the street the way that Christian politicians are in Pakistan. You might at least think that Muslims are treated like second-class citizens, the way non-Muslims are treated in every Muslim country in the world. But no that’s not the case.
End of an error
Why Obama Will Be Defeated in 2012

By Alan Caruba Full Story

imageTo this observer, the likelihood of Barack Obama being reelected in 2012 is so remote that I can safely predict it will not happen. Of course, as is commonly said, two weeks, let alone two years, is a long time in politics and all manner of events could intervene, but if one follows the trends in place, he will be a one term president.




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