Michelle jumps the shark on 2012 Democratic National Convention

Michelle jumps the shark on 2012 Democratic National Convention
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageMrs. Barrry Soetoro has come out of the kitchen and gone into convention mode.  You may be hungry, worried about finding work or possible mortgage foreclosure, but not Michelle Obama, who, according to an email sent out to cyberspace yesterday, is “thrilled” to be so far ahead on the calendar.

Put aside all that silly worry and life’s struggle to think ahead to the week of September 3, 2012 and the (drum roll) 46th Democratic National Convention.

How the unwashed masses are going to get from the coldest winter on record, past galloping inflation; how they’re going to keep food on the table and escape other horrors manufactured by the regime of her better half; how folks are going to keep their non-incandescent lightbulbs and heat on; how TEA Party members are going to survive smears, is not her problem.
Islamic Radical Regimes and Western Ignorance
By Elias Bejjani Full Story

On January 31/2011, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posted this statement on his website: “there is no doubt that based on realities envisioned by God, a new Middle East will be formed and this Middle East will be an Islamic Middle East.”
Democracy of Cannibals
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageThe chaos in Egypt has brought forth pious praises of democracy. “So what if the Muslim Brotherhood seizes power,” the pundits ask, “as long as there are democratic elections.” But what is the virtue of democracy anyway?

The one fundamental virtue of democracy is that it is the widest possible means of distributing power within a system. And that leads to a system that is only as good and bad as the sum of its voters. It is possible to have a democracy of cannibals, so long as the majority agrees that’s the way to go. Or a democracy in which a quarter of the population has no legal or civil rights whatsoever. So long as that is the expressed will of the majority.
Sea-Ice in the Arctic
By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser Full Story

There are two major organizations measuring, via satellite reconnaissance, the extent of the sea-ice in the Arctic, namely the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) (1) and the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) (2). Their measurements differ routinely by nearly 1,000,000 km^2 ( or about 10%). Why are they so different?

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