The Emperor’s Pink Burka

The Emperor’s Pink Burka
By Judi McLeod Full Story

Completely missed amid the agonizing cries of human misery in Egypt is that the ending of a United Nations fairytale is being written.  The bum’s rush for President Hosni Mubarak has now gone global and from out of nowhere the Muslim Brotherhood-endorsed Mohamed El Bardei has arrived on the protest scene.  El Baradei’s got the Nobel Peace Prize.  All he’s really missing is the white horse.

Egypt will be turned over to radical Islam leadership.  And it would never have happened without President Barack Obama, who first ran the white flag flying over America up the flagpole—without the permission or knowledge of the American people—on April 6, 2010.
Obama Loses the Middle East
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageIt’s no coincidence that major revolutions against Western backed governments have occurred under weak American presidents. The Iranian revolution against the Shah happened on Jimmy Carter’s watch. The current violence in Tunisia and Egypt is taking place under Obama. And the timing is quite interesting. Revolts which coincided with a new opposition congress almost suggest that they were scheduled for a time when Obama would be at his politically weakest.
The Nanny Staters at Life’s Dangerous Intersections
By Selwyn Duke Full Story

Increasingly, our government reminds me of a certain old Star Trek episode.  It was titled “I, Mudd,” and in it the Enterprise explorers found themselves in the grip of seemingly perfect androids determined to serve man.  The automatons informed the crew that humans were “self-destructive,” needed their “help” and couldn’t be trusted with freedom.  One of the mechanical masters concluded by telling Captain Kirk, “we shall serve them [humans] and you will be happy…and controlled.”

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