“Has America Ever Been In Greater Peril?”

By Ron Ewart, President

National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.

© Copyright January 3, 2011 – All Rights Reserved
“The international symbol of distress is flying a nation’s flag upside down.”
Not since the Civil War has America been in such grave peril.  Then it was on the precipice of splitting into two opposing nations with vastly differing positions on slavery and state’s rights.  Today, it faces an even greater threat.  It has been besieged, not by cannon fire and muskets between brother and brother, but by a failed ideology that has swept the planet and is on the verge of collapsing almost every world economy.
America is not being conquered by another more powerful nation by the force of arms, America is disintegrating from within and the disintegration is being perpetrated by an elite group of traitors that are intent on destroying the most prosperous nation on Earth, by driving it into national bankruptcy.   These traitors have been successful in dividing Americans between those that are self-reliant, responsible, productive and generous and those who have become hopelessly dependent on government.  We fight amongst each other in a war of classes and are being diverted from the diabolical plans of the real enemy …… the move by this elite group of traitors towards a socialist utopia and an Absolute Democrat Monarchy, funded by the sweat, labor and tears of those who toil at honest, productive work.
You need not take our word for it, you only need to look around you and see the divisions widen between all Americans over issues and problems created by government, but never solved by government.  The truth is, we are being played for suckers and we are biting at the bait.  If we are united, we survive with honor and dignity.  If we are divided, we fall.
Has America ever been in greater peril?  The answer is a resounding NO! Before America finds itself in the graveyard containing the bleached bones of failed nations, all red-blooded Americans had better rise up and smell the roses before the lid closes on our national casket forever.  What America needs to make its blood run hot wth passion and resolve and spring into action is a symbol of unity, a symbol that fans the fire of patriotism in the hearts of men and women across this great land.  America needs a symbol that all Americans can rally around, a symbol that instills the call of duty on each of our souls, a duty to save the last bastion of freedom on this Earth, before there is no one left that even remembers what freedom is all about, what price was paid to claim it and from whence it came.
Since the international symbol of distress is the nation’s flag flying upside down and since America is in distress like never before, we call on all Americans to turn the American flag that they are flying upside down, as a symbol of national distress.  Those who don’t know the symbol will ask why and we will tell them, so that they too can join with those of us who, to the last man say, “we will not go quietly into the night!”  And to all those who try to steal our liberty, dilute our sovereignty, blur our borders and sell America to the highest bidder, we say: “‘Tis an evil thing that you do and so yee shall sow, so shall yee reap.”
Will you be the first, the second or the third to turn your flag upside down? Let this symbol of distress sweep across America like a wind-blown prairie fire.  Let it gain momentum like an avalanche that has been triggered off the slopes of a tall mountain.  Let this symbol ring out across the land with the rising voices of tens of millions of Americans who have no intentions of letting their cherished America slide into a socialist oblivion, at the hands of traitors who sneak around the halls of government in the dead of night to plot the destruction of our great nation and up until now have been quite successful.  In 2011 and beyond, let’s turn their success into abject failure.
We ask you to believe with all your heart and soul that America will live in its previous glory once again, as the shining city on the hill and a beacon of hope to all who walk on two feet.  No, we are not perfect and we have many faults, but America has shown what can be done and what can be accomplished in honor, when individuals are allowed to think, walk, talk and breath free.  We say without embarrassment or apology:  “Long live America and long live freedom!”
Let every American be a vanguard for freedom, instead of a shill and a mouth piece for a government growing in arrogance and tyranny.
Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848
Website: www.narlo.org
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