News Reports Sum Up Obama’s Plans for Complete Destruction of America

Latest terror warning: Attacks on Food, Restaurants, Hotels
Food supply threat analysis: Chef Obama’s “Kitchen Nightmares, new reality TV?”

By Doug Hagmann Full Story

According to a report broadcast yesterday by CBS News, the latest terror warning allegedly involves simultaneous attacks to our food, specifically targeting hotels and restaurants at various locations within the U.S. The exclusive CBS story adds that the threat was deemed “credible” by a key intelligence source, and that members of the Department of Agriculture and the FDA reportedly “briefed a small group of corporate security officers from the hotel and restaurant industries about it.”
United Nations, Gays in the Military, START, Border Protection
News Reports Sum Up Obama’s Plans for Complete Destruction of America

By Jerry McConnell Full Story

In just a few minutes of reading the E-Brief today on December 21, 2010, I was appalled and yet not surprised to find so many references to actions being considered or taken by our far-left, Socialist dominated federal government and the Marxist Obama Administration.
We molest 3 year olds in airports, because we can’t possibly screen Muslim terrorists
Terrorizing Our Own

By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageAirline travelers flying the unfriendly skies are presented with two options, that are actually only a single option, to have themselves and their children degraded in public in order to spare Muslim feelings. That we have a ban on profiling travelers, but no ban on molesting or humiliating them, tells us everything we need to know about why we have the current system that we do.

In a war we terrorize the enemy. In a siege we terrorize our own. And we have been terrorizing our own for a long time now.

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