Obama is a cold-hearted, cold-blooded Marxist on a rush mission to take down America

The Day the Internet Died?
Buh-Bye Ms. American Pie

By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageEditor’s Note: As news outlets from the Drudge Report to the Washington Post ruefullly point out , today’s the day when,  for the first time,  the Federal Communications Commission’s rules would prevent Internet service providers from blocking or giving preferential treatment to Web sites on their networks.

Legions of bloggers and news site publishers everywhere are worried today that the Information Highway may be made inaccessible for average Americans, an impact should it happen, that will impact the world.

“The FCC’s proposal will receive support from a majority of the five-member commission, after intense lobbying. (Washington Post).
Obama is a cold-hearted, cold-blooded Marxist on a rush mission to take down America
Hanging on in a roller coaster world

By Judi McLeod Full Story

Start thinking small.

Think survival not striving to be well off.

In a throwback to the days of Stalin, the elected governments of many nations, including America, are turning on their own people.  What Barack `Kill-America’ Obama is doing to the USA is being done elsewhere because what he is doing originates from a global initiative.
TSA, under the direction of Napolitano, consent of Obama, collecting names, personal information, labeling them as potential “domestic extremists.”
Taking names, Napolitano style

By Doug Hagmann Full Story

imageDid you see the Washington Post this morning? That was the one sentence e-mail I received yesterday from my DHS contact who alerted me to the DHS/TSA memorandum about the domestic intelligence agency’s creating and maintaining a list of individuals who were determined to be “interfering” with the enhanced airport TSA screening procedures through their objections or “opting out” of such procedures.

In my November 23rd report titled DHS making a list, checking it twice, I wrote that the DHS, through the arm of the TSA, under the direction of Napolitano and with the full consent of Obama, was collecting the names and personal information of such individuals, labeling them as potential “domestic extremists.”
Understanding, thankfulness and faith

By Jimmy Reed Full Story

imageLately, this column has touched on understanding, thankfulness and faith, which like all virtues are included in the chief virtue: courage.

One of the most courageous persons I have ever known was my Italian grandmother, whom we called Nona. Transitioning from her native tongue to English was difficult, and there were certain words she never pronounced properly. One was “try”; her pronunciation was “tly.”

And tly she would. The noble lady was fearless in the face of adversity. Even toward the end of her long life, when she had shrunk in stature to a few inches over four feet, and had lost her beloved husband Pete, she insisted on living alone and caring for herself. Trying to talk her out of doing something she had set her mind to was futile. Always, she said the same thing: “I tly.”
Behind the Curtain:
Plastic News

By Online Full Story

What’s in a name?

Ask Philip Morris, the holding company for a tobacco producer who changed its name to the benign, sunny-sounding ‘Altria.’
For 30 years the UN has fomented worldwide hysteria based upon the premise of global destruction by CO2
UN subterfuge…the global warming hoax

By James Lampe Full Story

After schooling in the Environmental Sciences, and cleaning up toxic waste sites for an environmental agency, my hobby became global warming. At first it was interesting because the prevailing theory was always changing, but as new theories were advanced, they relied more on data adjustments and political strategy, than science. Today, Americans perceive global warming as a low priority item, and have turned their attention to our economic and security concerns. But big government agencies (UN and US) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) continue to quietly expand UN influence, by teaching their insidious Marxist policies to the bureaucratic, naive, and idiotic.

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