The Historically Corrupt, Traitorous, 111th US Congress

GOP Must Destroy All Obama Legislation—Like Rome’s Damnatio Memoriae
By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

What in the name of Zeus does the GOP think it’s going to achieve by bargaining with Barack Obama and his socialist posse? Instead of pretending we have much in common, why don’t the Republicans get a clue and listen to the results of the last election, and heed Conservatism—and allow liberals to keep listening to Prozac? It is time to use the ancient Roman act of Damnatio Memoriae, or public condemnation, to bury old Barack along with all his self-indulgent and imbecilic decisions. The following article explores this option.
Radical Islam does not see Lesbians & Gays the same way as Obama does
By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageWith apologies to Kiko, Barack Obama reminds me of my little dog who goes up to the fence behind which the next door neighbour keeps his two German Shepherds.  The much smaller Kiko struts right up to the fence for a ferocious bark—but only if he sees one of us has his back covered.  The minute he sets the two dogs to barking, he makes for the back door.

In this week before Christmas which sees the Big O lobbing metaphorical bombs at We the People, he’s revving up nasty from the safety of a thousand paces off.

It was as “Commander in Chief” that he sent out an email message tonight thanking Congress—and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in particular—for repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  He was disappointed, he said with the fate of the DREAM Act.
Monarchist Liberals Fear the Mob
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

Liberals have never been too fond of democracy. Even when they win elections, they prefer to treat those victories as “historic events” that are almost supernatural in nature, to avoid dwelling on the fact that what really happened was that the votes were counted, and they racked up more than the other side. Instead they condescendingly describe their victories as a sign that the country has reached a new level of ethical and intellectual awareness. Like a kindergarten teacher handing out gold stars, liberals pat the country on the head (at least the right parts of it) for making the right decision.
The Historically Corrupt, Traitorous, 111th US Congress
By Jim O’Neill Full Story

Good God!  When is the vile, despicable, 111th US Congress finally going to die?  How much longer must “we the people” endure their corrupt, anti-American, Far Left globalist insanity?  The 111th Congress keeps coming back from the dead like some villain in a cheesy horror flick.  DIE—and stay dead dammit!
Nevada Hispanics duped by Harry Reid to gain re-election
By Steve Miller Full Story

imageDuring the Nevada U.S. Senate campaign, incumbent Senator Harry Reid repeatedly told Nevada Hispanics to register to vote, then re-elect him in order for the Dream Act to pass.

However, Reid never told his new found voters that he had full knowledge that the Dream Act had no chance of passing even in a Democratic controlled Senate and Congress.

While Harry Reid desperately campaigned for reelection in Nevada, he promised immigration activists that he would bring the Dream Act to the Senate floor for a vote this year, but he did not promise it would pass.

His new found supporters were being duped.
Busybodies, Nags and Control Freaks
By Alan Caruba Full Story

imageNot long ago I saw a television documentary on the rise of the Third Reich in Germany. I have, in addition, read any number of books on the period of the 1920s and 30s. The lesson it teaches is that the Nazis did not suddenly arise, take control, and impose a totalitarian government on Germans. It was a matter of slow progress until October 29, 1929 when the U.S. stock market crashed.

The affect was worldwide. In Europe where nations were still trying to revive from the devastating impact of World War One, it created havoc similar to the Great Depression that gripped America for a decade.

In the wake of the 1919 Versailles Treaty, a defeated Germany had been hit with huge reparations. The Weimar Republic was struggling to return the nation to some degree of stability.

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