All Naked Chickens Step Between These Boots

Time For Economic Restoration Now Climate Change Deception Exposed
By Dr. Tim Ball Full Story

imageProblems are only problems if you are unaware of them. Once identified you’re over halfway to resolution. American voters rejected the Obama administration’s policies of increasing government control through energy, environment and economic policies. They voted for cessation and reversal. Now the new politicians and chastened survivors must act accordingly. Debt and deficit are serious problems and the solution depends partly on reduced government spending, but mostly on a vigorous growing economy and that depends on energy. Maurice Strong’s plan to collapse the industrial economies recognized this with his focus on fossil fuels and CO2, so that’s where the solution must begin.
Beck’s Wilmington Effort more a Pulling Together than a Hijacking
By Judi McLeod Full Story

We live in a HollyWeird world when Glenn Beck is being accused of hijacking the 1946 movie It’s a Wonderful Life in the same week as ice-water-in-his-veins Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin accuses Leonardo DiCaprio of being a “real man”.
It Just Isn’t Christmas without a Muslim Bombing
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageMistletoe. Egg nog. And now Muslim terrorism. Last year’s Christmas bomber was an African Muslim who stuffed his underwear full of plastic explosive and tried to detonate it on Flight 253.

This year it’s another African Muslim who tried to get an early start on Christmas terror by trying to car bomb a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

Last year’s Christmas terrorist hailed from Nigeria. This year’s mad Muslim bomber comes from Somalia. And they bring with them tidings of a new season. A season in which holiday shopping now comes with massacre plots mixed in with the radio jingles and cheer.
All Naked Chickens Step Between These Boots
By Joseph A Olson, PE Full Story

When Joseph Stalin first consolidated his grip on the Russian military he was still faced with a large defiant population.  This dictator gathered his generals in a room and explained his plans for total control of the still proud Russian people.  After explaining, several generals who were brave enough to question this totalitarian, asked how the military was going to force submission.

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