Can Obama Help Promote Islam on a One-Way Trip to Mars?

By Kelly O’Connell Full Story

imageIt’s true The Obama has been an unmitigated disaster as president. Very few now dispute this fact after the Nov 2nd Massacre. But what does this fact mean in a larger setting? Upon reflection and analysis, Barack’s failure rests at his own feet because he is the current clod in office. But we can’t avoid the larger implication—modern-liberalism itself has been tested and found utterly fraudulent. This is very dangerous as modern-liberal socialism is now our default national policy in all matters, and government actions based upon ignorance and lies can only result in failure and ultimate disaster.
The Liberal Solution to Terror has Failed
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

The chief liberal critique of the War on Terror has been that George W. Bush wrongly treated 9/11 as an act of war, rather than a criminal act. Instead of passing the Patriot Act, invading Afghanistan, torturing terrorists and trying them under military tribunals, he should have just made a nice speech, and then turned the rest over to the FBI, holding civilian trials and moving on—the way Bill Clinton did.
Who’s Blood’s On Who
By Joseph A Olson, PE Full Story

The idle mind is the devils workshop and there can be no more idle minds or greater workshop for evil than the world’s elite.  For centuries they have amassed ill-gotten gains in property and power, always with the goal of complete control.  To control everything, you must first control the minds of the masses.
Harry Reid’s DREAM Act is America’s Nightmare- We Must Shut Down His DREAM Act NOW!
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

As usual America’s Public Enemy Number ONE plus, Senator Harry Reid, D-NV who somehow or other beat the odds and the polls to win reelection on November 02, 2010, with goon Labor Unions strong and devious support, is ready to stick it to the American taxpayer with another twisted version of Amnesty.  This time he puts on his sweetest and sickest smarmy smile and calls it the DREAM Act, S. 3827.

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