New Reports of Ballot Stuffing, Native Voter Fraud in Alaskan Senate Race

by Ben Johnson

The Joe Miller for Senate campaign has released new affidavits swearing that Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign is benefiting from voter fraud. A notarized affidavit sworn on November 1 by a voter at Sand Lake Elementary School states when voting began, “there was already a stack of  ballots in the box which in my opinion numbered in the hundreds.” The voter adds the ballots “were very neatly stacked and approximately 4 to 5 inches thick.” The affidavit adds this occurred at 7:00 a.m., and the voter was the tenth voter at that location.

This Author’s Previous Story Confirmed

A second affidavit, filed by election observer Elva G. Bettine, states write-in ballots from the Cordova and Angoon precincts seemed to have been filled in by one person. Bettine swore, “It appeared to me that the name ‘Lisa Murkowski’ that was written on many [of] these ballots was written by the same person.” This allegation lends credence to a previous allegations of “villages using one person to vote or fill in the write-in for several hundred people” this author reported exclusively on As previously reported, some Native villages supported “write-in” over Joe Miller by margins of 120-0.

The new revelation echoes another allegation exclusively reported by this author involving that election officials may have stuffed an unsecured ballot box.

It is well-known that a federal contractor was caught on tape encouraging his employees to vote for Murkowski. The state Republican establishment seems  eager to aid the Murkowski camp, counting votes based on “voter intent,” in violation of state law — which the U.S. Constitution sets as the lone standard in elections. Pictures of state officials — many of them with deep ties to the Murkowski family — rifling through votes to divine the voter’s intentions resemble similar images from Florida’s 2000 presidential election.

Joe Miller Still Leads

Despite their best efforts, Joe Miller maintains his lead over Lisa Murkowski. Even including all disputed ballots the state is counting for Murkowski, Miller leads by 1,761 votes. On Sunday, Miller led in uncontested ballots by nearly 9,000 votes. Today, Alaskan officials are counting 9,800 absentee ballots, including 1,000 of which are overseas ballots largely from military voters. Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto states, “If previous trends hold for the absentee ballot count, it is possible for Joe to gain as many as 1,000 votes against Lisa Murkowski.” On the other hand, Politico has reported Murkowski needs “to win at least 90 percent of the ballots outright in order to declare victory without heading to court for a ruling on the challenged ballots.”

One cannot help but wonder how many of those ballots being counted are legitimate.

  1. #1 by FLChristyB on November 16, 2010 - 1:54 pm

    It is sick how people like her get away with this crap. The American people, and obviously most Alaskans, don’t want this woman as their Senator, otherwise they would not have to cheat. Get over yourself Murkowski and give up gracefully, if it is at all possible for a narcissistic power hog like you to display even a little grace.

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