“All Eyes Are On America, On November 2nd!”

By Ron Ewart, President

National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.

© Copyright November 1, 2010 – All Rights Reserved

On November 2nd, 2010, all across the world, eyes will be focused on what happens in America.  About 10% of the world want to see America continue as the single most exceptional country on the planet, as they either believe in our values, or they profit from our wealth.
However, the other 90% of the countries of the world would love to see America fall, or become a third-world country like they are.  Envy and jealousy are the emotions that rise in the breasts of billions of the human inhabitants that occupy those countries who have not known, or found freedom and suffer under the iron hand of a dictatorship.
Europeans, including the hapless subjects of Great Britain, have succumbed to the inevitability of socialism.  France and Greece have descended into the savagery of riots, chaos and political instability because the government found out it can’t pay for all that it promises under the socialist model and are forced to make adjustments that the people don’t like.   The rest of Europe will soon follow as they are deadlocked in that same model.  The Germans might escape the collapse, but their connection to the European Union will eventually pull even them down.
Russia is still struggling to find itself after the violent instability of the 20th Century.  From the Czars, to revolution, to mass starvation and executions, to state control of everything, to the point that it now finds itself somewhere in between, still trying to determine which way it wants to go.  Many Russians envy America (we’ve met some) and would like Russia to be like us, but the state maintains an iron grip on politics, finances, resources, commerce and the economy.  Individual freedom is still a pipe dream for the masses.  Cronyism, corruption and elitism are the rule in Russia, rather than the exception.
China on the other hand is toying with a combination of the two “C’s”, capitalism and communism.  It loves the money of capitalism, but abhors the people having any kind of freedom.  An internal conflict, or massive uprising, will surely result from their attempts to merge the two.
Central and South America it seems, will be forever dealing with round after round of dictators and despots.  Some countries in that hemisphere have toyed with a freedom model, but in the end the un-educated peasants would rather be fed and secure, than hungry and free, but in a state of fear.  Mexico is drowning in its own blood from drug cartels that deliver the mind-and-life-altering drugs to drug-crazed Americans, who can’t seem to get enough.  The trouble on our southern border comes from not only the demand for drugs in America, but from the in-ability of the American government to secure that border.
And it would appear that the African continent will be in a state of tribal insanity for many centuries to come, with perhaps the exception of South Africa.
The blazing sun-burnt brains of the Middle East are forever locked in the grip of tribal savagery and radical religious idolatry.  A culture that once gave us the discovery of mathematics, geometry and astronomy, has descended into the dead pool of religious fanaticism.  The only hope they have is if a more powerful country enslaves them and then slowly, over generations, grants them their freedom, after the insanity has been stripped from the culture and their minds.  With more than 1.4 billion of these folks residing on the planet, and at least 10% of them radicalized by a fanatical jihad (death to everyone who isn’t Muslim), given to them in a book by a man who dictated that men could only have four wives while he had ten and a man who decided to propagate his fanatical religion by conquest with the sword and spear instead of peacefully by the strength of his belief, there is little hope for restored sanity, at least for now.  The planet will be dealing with this issue for many more generations to come and could eventually end up in world war over it.
Unfortunately, the other quasi-free countries of the western world, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, have bought into the European model and have beat America to socialism.   However, there appears to be hope for Canada and Australia (and maybe New Zealand), as the drumbeat of freedom and liberty, emanating from America’s Tea Party movement, is beginning to get a foothold in those countries as well.  We can only hope.
But all eyes will be on America come November 2nd.  The harmony of the constitutional song being sung by millions of freedom-loving Americans, is countering the force of the liberals and progressives who would take America to the brink of national bankruptcy by trying to emulate the failed European model.  Some on the planet shudder at the thought of a re-surgence of patriotism, freedom, liberty and national sovereignty in America.  Others secretly cry out for joy that the shining light on the hill will not be extinguished.
What happens in America on November 2nd will signal the direction America is choosing to go.  It will either be a referendum on whether Americans want to be fed and kept safe and secure in bondage by a nanny government, or whether they will choose the path that was set out for them 234 years ago by a few brave men who challenged the prevailing wisdom of top-down control of the masses and instead set out a blue print for free men and women with common purpose and resolve to live out their lives and govern their individual and collective affairs by adhering to that blue print.” The guidance of that blue print, through 160 years of significant change, allowed a free society to pioneer, grow and prosper into the strongest nation in all of recorded human history. What remains to be seen is whether this nation, or any nation, so conceived in liberty, can long endure.  There are doubts on many fronts.
Millions of Americans have abdicated their individual rights, the gift from their creator, and handed them over to a government that is growing in power by the day because of it.  It remains to be seen whether those that still cherish individual freedom, free choice, free markets and capitalism can overcome those that have given their power to the government, in exchange for security and a few pieces of silver.  This election on November 2nd is not about Democrat or Republican.  It is about the very survival, or the final destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  November 2nd will indicate that the mood for a change to freedom is in the air, or that too many Americans have just given in to the all-powerful government, in exchange for comfort and free gifts, that will only turn them into slaves instead of free men.

For those Americans who still believe in their country (and even those that don’t), we encourage you to view the interview between a conservative member of the European Parliament (Daniel Hannan) and an American journalist (Peter Robinson) HERE, (http://www.humanevents.com/UncommonKnowledge.php) for a perspective on America that you will not see anywhere in America.  We take our freedom for granted, instead of being grateful for what we have, that no other citizen, in any country on Earth, has.  When we take our freedom for granted, we de-value its vital importance to our lives and our liberty.  Mr. Hannan points this out to us so succinctly.

What happens in America on November 2nd could ripple like a giant tsunami all around the planet, or end up being a sign that America has succumbed to weakness, corruption and tyranny within its own soul, like so many other countries that could not hold onto freedom.  If that is the path that America chooses to take in 2010, the Liberty Bell might just be silenced forever.
We say:
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Ron Ewart, President


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Website: www.narlo.org
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