Nov. 2 – Expect Huge Turns to the Right Unless ACORNs and Labor Unions Play Their Dirty Tricks

Nov. 2 – Expect Huge Turns to the Right Unless ACORNs and Labor Unions Play Their Dirty Tricks
By Jerry McConnell Full Story

imageMy advice to all election polling places, and I mean ALL, is to keep your eyes and ears open for unorthodox behavior not just during hours of voting, but before and after when sneaky hands can deface or change voting results.

And don’t think that these sleazy, unprincipled, conscienceless predators from ACORN, or whatever names they now sport to cover their past sins for which they have yet to be punished, are not benefactors for the liberals.
Time to Reunite Church and State
By Matt Barber Full Story

John Adams, our second U.S. president, famously observed: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
Could It Be Obama’s October Surprise?
By Ron Ewart Full Story

imageWe’ve been waiting for it and expecting it, knowing that it would happen.  Obama’s October surprise has landed (pun intended), or so it would seem.

How convenient!  Five days before the November 2nd election, Obama comes up with a so-called “credible” security alert and takes the opportunity to “brief” Americans (on TV of course, with the ubiquitous teleprompter) on how competent he is and how in-control the government is of this terrorist threat from Yemen.  F-15’s were reported to be shadowing an airplane that was coming in from Yemen, over Canadian airspace, before it landed at JFK.  As we all know, Yemen is the hotbed of Al Queda-sponsored terrorist activity, at the hands of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who turned traitor, or so we are told.  Does anyone trust what government tells us these days?
A Storm is Coming
By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

imageIf you’ve ever seen a movie in which a boat is caught in a storm. At first the waves are distant and the crew ignores them. Then suddenly the storm has swept in and everyone is running for cover, doing anything they can to prepare for a storm that’s already here.

And that’s the left wing of the Democratic party right now, too slow to recognize the storm because of its media cocoon and now rushing to throw anything they can at it, from voter fraud to scandals and smears.

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