Seal the Deal!!/Flip This House

Catherine Welborn

Catherine WelbornOctober 29, 2010 at 2:54pm
Subject: Seal the Deal!!
Seal the Deal!!

I’ve asked a lot of you during the past year and many times I have said that you are the best members possible. Thank you for being there, for calling and faxing your Representatives and Senators. You are absolutely the best!!!

I’m asking again … you knew that I would.

Let’s Seal the Deal on Tuesday! Let’s just get it done … get it done right.

First, I made this video …; … short and to the point. Help our candidates, please.

Second, there is a lot of talk (chatter) about voter fraud from the Democrats straight party ticket being loaded into voting machines to other stuff. It’s your vote and it’s your responsibility to make sure the machine votes YOUR vote. Review your ballot prior to pushing the VOTE button. If things just aren’t going right, ask for help.

Third, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from voting. If you are intimidated about going into the polls, call the police and ask for an escort. Or simply move away and wait for a group of people and enter the polling place with them. Don’t leave without voting!!! This election is too important. Take pictures using your cell phone or small camera to show the police or the poll manager. Voter intimidation is against federal law however don’t expect Eric Holder’s Department of Justice to enforce it.

Fourth, on November 3rd when you wake up and look in the mirror … will you be able to say that you have done everything in your power to help our country make a directional shift???

Thank you … VOTE Tuesday. Let’s get it done!

Catherine Welborn;

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