The Pelosi/Obama Nomination Scam 2008

A message from OsceolaRenegade to all members of Watchmen on Election and Voting Fraud on Patriotic Resistance!

We have found 7 States with specific state laws about Nominating Candidates for Presidential elections.  Four are known violations (SOE’s provided copies of certificates), 2 we are fairly certain are violated (no certificates received per request), and Hawaii has two conflicting certificates on file.  The search continues.

Late next week after the election results, we want to send all seated Representatives a MEMO with our findings, ask them to review their Oath of Office, and put them on notice that a crime has been committed and they are part of the problem (both Republicans and Democrats).  We want to be neutral and give them equal opportunity.

A follow on plan is to notify all States (Governors, Attorney Generals, SOE’s, and if needed Auditor Generals) of the problem and convince them to establish a standard law for all states that assures we have the opportunity to vote for olly qualified candidates for President.  Some states are already changing their requirements.

If any of you know how to muster ResistNet members to support this effort, please let me know.  Is there a way to send all members a note asking for help in their respective states?

Our first objective is to burn Obama’s bridge so he cannot cross over to the 2010 election.  Then impeach him.

Visit Watchmen on Election and Voting Fraud at:

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