Why Has Obama Not Sent In the Marines to Seize Lake Falcon from Mexico?

Why Has Obama Not Sent In the Marines to Seize Lake Falcon from Mexico?

By John W. Lillpop

Conditions in the third-world, failed state of Mexico have devolved to the point where that nation should be officially listed as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” by the U.S. Department of State.

The latest meltdown of law and order in old Mexico took place when a Mexican police chief was beheaded for leading an investigation into the fate of American David M. Hartley who, his wife claims, was fatally by Mexican pirates.

As reported, in part, by the New York Times:

“HOUSTON — An investigation into a reported shooting of an American on a border reservoir took a bizarre turn this week when the Mexican police chief overseeing the search was murdered and his head was left in a suitcase outside a military base, the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mexican officials said it remained unclear on Wednesday whether the killing of Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, commander of the Tamaulipas State police in Ciudad Miguel Alemán, was related to the search for David M. Hartley, a manager with an oil well services company who, his wife reported, was fatally shot on Sept. 30 while touring Falcon Lake on a Jet Ski. “

If America only had a responsible, reasonable president in power, the might and force of the U.S. military would have been deployed two weeks ago to enter Mexico and do whatever was necessary to find the remains of David Hartley and track down and arrest the Mexican swine who shot this innocent American.

Operation Payback would have caused the U.S. Marines to seize Lake Falcon and declare same as a Newly Arrived American Territory, off limits to any and all Mexican nationals.

Janet Napolitano would have been appointed to run the new American territory, preferably in the deep end of the bloody lake.

Unfortunately, our so-called president is too busy working to legalize 12-38 million invading criminals to get involved in the murder of an innocent American.

Another example of treason by the Democrat Party, and an item to remember when voting on November 2.


John W. Lillpop

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