Missing link found in the evolution debate

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Origin of the thesis
Acclaimed series on ‘evidence’ of evolution made with intelligent design

In our estimation this is the best documentary on the creation/evolution debate ever done.
— Apologetics Group

Did whales walk on the land?

Did dinosaurs fly?

Is this the dawn of the theory of evolution?

Or, is this the waning hours of a theory in its final throes?

Darwin’s book on evolution admitted that “intermediate links” were perhaps the most obvious and serious objection to the theory of evolution.  Darwin recognized that the fossils collected by scientists prior to 1859 did not correspond with his theory of evolution, but he predicted that his theory would be confirmed as more and more fossils were found.  One hundred and fifty years later, “Evolution: The Grand Experiment” critically examines the viability of Darwin’s theory.

“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

– Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

Now “Evolution: The Grand Experiment: The Quest for an Answer (Episode 1)” is providing the missing link in this galvanized debate. The award-winning book and video series presents thoughtful, analytical examinations of evidence for and against evolution and lets individuals decide if it’s fit enough to survive as an explanation for the origins of life.

A confession of creating an intermediate evolutionary link, by a prominent scientist, exposes a recurrent problem for the theory of evolution in a most dramatic way: With video tapes rolling, the story unfolds before the television audience, with the most uncomfortable feeling imaginable. This honest scientist’s mistake is one of many examples of scientists creating evidence to support the theory of evolution. Some mistakes are honest, some are fraudulant, but all involve evolution scientists and artists manufacturing evidence for the theory of evolution.

For years, scientists claimed that they had compelling fossil proof of evolution in Rodhocetus, a four-legged animal with a whale’s tail. This “missing link” was considered by many evolution experts to be one of the best proofs of evolution. When biologist, physician and television producer Dr. Carl Werner went to check it out, he was in for a big surprise: There were no fossils of the tail of Rodhocetus. They were missing. When he questioned the scientist who had added the whale’s tail, the scientist admitted this “best proof” did not have a whale’s tail or flippers as he had suggested in museum diagrams.

This was just the first of many fossil improprieties that Dr. Werner found when he set out to evaluate evolution. Other problems included a scientist attaching a dinosaur tail to a bird to make a “flying dinosaur,” and another other scientist covering up the fraud. One large metropolitan museum attached feathers to a dinosaur to make a “feathered dinosaur,” even though feathers were not found. Another museum attached human hands to Lucy, even though the fossils were not human. There were other problems too: Evolution charts at museums suggested that evolution was true, but these diagrams lacked corroborating evidence.

Cover-ups, name changes, adding scales or feathers compelled Dr. Werner to ask the most basic question: Is evolution even true? He does not answer the question in the documentary “Evolution: The Grand Experiment”, rather he presents the problems and allows the audience to decide.

“It’s revealing how often evolution’s adherents so readily seek to shut down any questioning of it,” said Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WorldNetDaily.com “This rigid stance makes a mockery of the human inclination toward curiosity and also the process of inquiry that’s necessary for any sound scientific formulation.

Hardcover/DVD Bundle

“In his globetrotting quest for answers and his evenhanded portrayal of his findings, Dr. Werner gives a respect for the intelligence of his readers and viewers that’s sadly absent from most of today’s classrooms,” Farah added.

As the first in a planned series, “Evolution: The Grand Experiment” originated from the personal ambitions of Dr. Carl Werner. When the St. Louis emergency-room doctor was a biology major in college, a fellow classmate embedded a thorn in his mind by challenging him to prove evolution. Werner spent more than 30 years researching and investigating evolution. Traveling across three continents, he visited countless archeological dig sites, photographed thousands of fossils and interviewed scores of scientists.

The resulting video – with its intimate footage of nature, a stirring score and scholarly narration that recalls a PBS special – commanded 12 years of production, including shoots in seven countries throughout three continents.

Lauded by Apologetics Group as the “best documentary on the creation/evolution debate ever done,” “The Grand Experiment” captured several top 2010 honors at the International Christian Visual Media Catalyst Conference, earning Crown Awards for “Best Youth Film,” “Best Curriculum” and “Best Documentary over $50,000.”

The book and video – already shown in more than 70 countries – also offer a package complete with teacher’s manual for detailed instructional sessions. Aimed at grades sixth through 12th, it’s earned high marks from home-schooling families.

“It will not only catch the eye and interest of your youngest children but it will challenge your older children to ask tough questions and demand the truth,” writes Lynda Ackert, a columnist in the Littleton Homeschooling Examiner. “This Science text will undoubtedly lead to many discussions within your entire family and inspire your children to think scientifically about evolution.”

Homeschool blogger Wayne S. Walker cited the book’s intensive review process..

“Dr. Werner discusses from a scientific standpoint such subjects as spontaneous generation, acquired characteristics, natural selection and chance mutations, similarities, the fossil record (including invertebrates, fish, bats, pinnipeds, flying reptiles, dinosaurs, whales, birds, and flowering plants), and the formation of DNA, proteins, and amino acids, showing how each has been used to ‘prove’ evolution and how each can be explained from a creationist view,” Walker writes.

Still, Werner’s work is not without its critics. In separate commentaries devoted to each chapter of “The Grand Experiment,” blogger Jeremy Witteveen calls it as “a coloring book for Christian parents to impose on their children to keep them ignorant and far from successful academic pursuits.”

Witteveen also writes that his “personal goal is to help American Christians finally accept evolution as fact,”

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