America in Peril, The communist goal to take over America

America In Peril

October, 26, 2008 After spending nine years in Navy Intelligence as a Cryptologist, intercepting communications from Marxist/Socialist countries, breaking their codes, and gathering intelligence in “other” ways. I am familiar with their methods of using the media for propangada, using … Continue reading →

  1. #1 by marionvalentine66 on September 30, 2010 - 6:22 pm

    This post was put together in Oct. 2008. I have been hacked and all my posts pulled down 11 times since 2008, and am on my 4th computer since then. this post and others below were salvaged from other sites, and from saved emails of friends. Of course my articles in Canada Free press were saved and re posted. There is a separate post listing all of my articles posted on CFP

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