For which does this ‘Republic’ stand?

For which does this ‘Republic’ stand?
Congressman’s stark warning is to avoid West Coast’s liberal ‘utopia’

WASHINGTON – Crushing national debt. Stymied economic growth. Stubborn joblessness. Massively expanded entitlement programs – commanding greater layers of government bureaucracies – with no clear means to pay for them, save sweeping steep tax hikes.

When inventorying the phalanx of problems
plaguing the nation – especially those that have arisen and accelerated
only in the last two years – it’s easy to feel "too overwhelmed and
despondent to identify effective solutions," says a popular congressman
whose new book, "Restoring the Republic: A Clear, Concise and Colorful Blueprint for America’s Future," is capturing the interest of the press and public.

"That’s precisely why I wrote this book," California Rep. Devin Nunes recently told "Sean Hannity on national television". "(T)he American people
have to know how big the problems are and that there are ways to deal
with them. So one of the things that politicians quickly say, ‘It’s a
very complex problem.’ You hear that all the time.

"The problems," Nunes
continued, "aren’t that complex. They just have to be dealt with
rationally. And so what I try to do is I try to break them down
rationally, use some examples of how these things got to the place that
they are today. But put forth actual legislation before Congress."

Hannity rattled off the principles and philosophies plumbed throughout the "Restoring the Republic,"
and guiding the legislation proposed and pursued by Nunes. "Live within
your means. Balance the budget. Stop buying votes. Eliminate earmarks.
Become energy independent. Strong national defense. Control the border,"
Hannity said. "It really is that simple, isn’t it?"

"Yes," Nunes answered.

"Restoring the Republic,"
published by WND Books on Sept. 13, is already preparing for its third
printing. At Amazon, the book is charting high in several categories,
ranking No. 2 and No. 3 in government categories and No. 6. in

The congressman was recently interviewed on Fox Business Channel. Dennis Miller is featuring the book among his top picks on his
Dennis’s Oprah’s Book Club.

A featured speaker at the recent WND "Taking America Back" Conference in Miami, Nunes ignited the audience with several rousing remarks.

"We must start with some hard truths," he said. "Truths politicians
fear. And when politicians fear something they ignore it – offering
instead rhetoric and empty promises. This has undermined public trust,
demoralized voters, and made it hard to tell the difference between
Republicans and Democrats."

Already "legislatively battle-tested," Nunes fought against the bank
bailouts, the health-care takeover and articulates a "broad, bold and
inspired vision" for leading the nation "out of the morass of statism,"
said Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of "This is the kind of bold, sensible leadership the American people crave."

Like many political savants, Nunes looks for Republicans to score
substantial gains in November – but what they do with after that will
reveal the hallmarks of leadership, he warns.

"The country is at a crossroad," he "wrote" in Big "In one direction there is big, centralized government
that usurps the rights of states, local communities, and individual
Americans. It’s the job of the Republican leaders to outline another
direction, but that direction is not yet clear to them. This must change
before the next election."

Elected to Congress at 29 and then re-elected three times, Nunes is no
darling of the environmental lobby. In fact, its defenders tried in vain
early on to kneecap Nunes’ book, which levels some punishing – yet
fact-supported – critiques their way.

One blogger wrote: "You probably haven’t heard of Devin Nunes,
a Republican congressman representing central California. But if you’re
even a little bit green, he doesn’t like you. In a new book "Restoring the Republic," he describes environmental lobbyists as ‘followers of neo-Marxist, socialist, Maoist or Communist ideals.’ Andthat Pacific Gas & Electric, Ford, andDow Chemical companies are ‘allied with extremist groups.’ Oh, and also, that anxietyabout global warming is ‘hysteria’spread by a ‘Doomsday cult.’"

"Doomsday," is a kind description, judging by recent reporting in "Investor’s Business Daily"
on the impact inflicted by environmental special-interest groups on
Nunes’ 21st Congressional District. In covering Nunes’ support for Carly Fiorina, the Republican who’s mounting a fierce challenge to Sen. Barbara Boxer, the publication painted a bleak portrait of a once fertile valley "crippled from overbearing government."

"But the beautiful region, whose farms supply one-quarter of America’s
vegetables and fruit, has been devastated since 1992 by a series of
legislative and judicially mandated water shut-offs that left it a dust
bowl, all in the ironic name of preserving the environment," the story
reported. "The harshest blow of all was three years ago, when a federal
judge was backed into mandating a full water shut-off in the southwest
part of the valley in order to protect a three-inch bait fish known as
the delta smelt.

"Since then, farmers of the world’s finest almonds, apricots, zucchini,
carrots, peaches and grapes have had to wait like beggars for 5%, 30%,
60% allotments of critically necessary water – an impossible situation
for farm planning, funding or hiring," Investor’s Business Daily

Having seen his community contend with backbreaking unemployment, Nunes
outlined the bold proposals – against gripping backdrops of backroom
deals and heated political bargaining tables – into "Restoring the Republic,"

Hannity characterized Nunes’ ideas as uncompromising, even
controversial, and winning – yet so bold even some Republican shy from

"The things you’re advocating, you’re taking on things that, it seems, a
lot of politicians aren’t willing to touch here," Hannity said. "Redistricting, you want to end it. Energy dependence, you want drilling, you want all of the above. Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, you’re willing to deal with it. Most politicians – they don’t want to go near it. "

Admitting the many Republicans don’t want to "walk through the fire,"
Nunes emphasized that the entitlement culture – already unsustainable
before proliferating to mounting levels under the Obama agenda and
Democrat-controlled Congress – has paralyzed sound, honest public-policy

"(T)he question that we’re looking at today is, it’s not a matter of
Social Security, Medicare, and whether or – whether the Republicans have
these bad ideas and that we’re trying to end these programs," he told
Hannity. "Relative is the programs are going to end because the country
is collapsing under the debt that we’re incurring."

And the axiom, "As goes California, so goes the nation," is a harrowing harbinger for what’s to come, Nunes said.

"(P)eople need know that the politics in California have been exported
to Washington, D.C.," he told Hannity. "… I wanted to be able to point
out all the problems that we faced in California and how those relate
to the same problems that are going on now and how we’re really drifting
to this, you know, socialist utopia that, quite frankly, I have a
little familiarity with. When you see water cut off. You see
unemployment in my district that ranges close to 20 percent."

Warning the conference attendees "big business is allied with whoever is
in power," and the "corporate America has linked arms with the left,"
he warned that the "masterminds of American socialism," who’ve treated
California as a test case for decades, "are experts at manipulating
public opinion."

"We are a free people nourished by the courage and sacrifices of
others," he said. "Led by many men and women who understood that
political victory was not for personal power but the preservation of American liberty.
At some point, things changed. Our leaders began to choose short term
political victory over big ideas, hard decisions, and strong leadership.

"As a result, America stands at the precipice," he continued. "Before us
is the real possibility that we will lose our cherished freedoms – some
of which have already been lost. In their place will emerge a European
style social democracy
– or worse, we could see a resurgence of the nightmare of Soviet style
communism. To fight this change, restore our republic, and protect our
freedoms, we must all understand what we are up against and who we are

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