Perhaps America Is NOT a Nation of Imbeciles, After All?


By John W. Lillpop

Back on January 20,
2009, it appeared as though America had lost its collective mind and
ability to act intelligently when a dangerously naive community
organizer with no real world knowledge or experience was elevated to the
most powerful position in the world by voters presumed to have been
cleverer than that.

Adding mayhem to misery, the electorate installed a gaggle of dim-witted Marxists in the U.S. Congress, virtually ignoring the need for responsible oversight and
the old adage that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

on that dreary afternoon in January, 2009, it seemed as though America
had been abandoned by our Creator and left for dead, to be disposed of
like so much human waste by the evil conquerors.

Then on the way to America’s funeral, a funny thing happened, actually several funny things happened:

brash new president made his first priority the closure of GITMO, a
safe and secure detention center for the most vile and vicious
anti-American killers on the planet. With the economy in shambles, why,
we wondered, did Barack Obama reach out to terrorists as his first official act?

was followed by an outrageous “stimulus” bill involving a trillion
dollars of taxpayer money. Our president warned that there was no time
to debate the bill on its merits—the urgency was too great. He also
promised creation or salvation of 3.5 to 4 million
Then it was off to Cairo and other foreign lands where this
ill-informed American politician set about apologizing for U.S. policy
and former presidents.

We (the Americans) were wrong was Obama’s bleating cry which was understood to mean “they (George W. Bush and friends” were wrong, but we are here to make it up to the world!

the next 19 months, Barack Obama committed atrocity after atrocity in
ransacking and attacking American traditions and values.

CHANGE was more important that preservation of our culture, at least in the eyes of our vision less new leader.

and on it went. And as Obama forged ahead with his agenda to remake
everything in America, including the policies and traditions that made
America the greatest civilization in human history, a great awakening of American mind and spirit started to emerge.

Despite the distortions and worse from the liberal media and leftist pundits like
Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, the New York Times, CNN, etc., the American people began to question what the hell was happening to our once great nation.

in Hades, we wondered, have we reached the point where a president who
steadfastly refuses to secure our borders and enforce the law, actually
sues a sovereign American state for defending its people from foreign invaders?

Can it be true that this arrogant man actually reported an American state to the United Nations as an example of human rights violations?

did we get to the point where the federal government can ORDER citizens
to buy health insurance and use the IRS to punish those who refuse?

is it that the U.S. Congress deliberately ignores its own established
rules and procedures for conducting the people’s business in order to
pass legislation that the people overwhelming oppose?

Month after month, this hijacking of the American
has been taking place right in the front of the American people.

even pro-Obama pap by the leftist media are no longer enough to quell
the revolution brewing in the hearts of the American people!

Barack Obama’s presidency is no longer viable. He is a lame duck president, waddling away from members of his own party, for heavens sake, after 20 months of misspent power.

as important, election polls now point to a massive dumping of the
Marxists in Congress and replacement of same with sane, common sense
American loyalists in 50+ days.

Perhaps it is true: America is NOT a nation of complete idiots, after all?

Pray God, deliver us from this nightmare, with our solemn promise that we will never again stray from thy guiding hand!

John W. Lillpop

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