“Get Out the Air Sick Bags – Approaching Obama Care Turbulence!”

By Ron Ewart,

National Association of Rural
nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights

© Copyright September 7, 2010 – All
Rights Reserved
Remember when the highly articulate
and bo-toxed face Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, before the
passage of the Health Care Bill in March of this year, "We have to
pass this bill so that we can see what’s in it?
"  Not only
did her statement reflect her blatant arrogance, but it opened up a window
into how her mind works, or doesn’t, as the case may be.
Well now, we are beginning to find
out what’s in Obama Care and what’s in it is terrifying!  A
foreign enemy couldn’t have hatched a more diabolical plot to bring America to
its knees and subjugate its citizens to dictatorial power. 
We were further enlightened about the
contents of Obama Care by an executive order from his majesty, King Obama (sounds like an African dictator doesn’t it?). 
If you want to know just how much control they have in mind for you, we
encourage you to read the contents of Executive Order 13544 here, taken
directly from the Federal Register, signed into law on June 10, 2010. 
Queen Obama would be proud. 
Your government, under Obama Care,
will establish the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health
.  They are going to staff this Council with Obama’s entire cabinet
and a whole bunch of other environmental and social justice bureaucrats. 
Their goal is to set about to destroy free choice in America, as we know
it.  They will own your body and your mind under this unconstitutional
act.  Federal policies will be established in the areas of national
wellness (whatever that means), health promotion,
reduction of tobacco use, sedentary behavior and poor nutrition. 
Government is going to thrust their face into every aspect of your life
with a vengeance and then they are going to tax the Hell out of you for the
Oh, but there is more.  Section
4 of the Executive order establishes an advisory group on Prevention,
Health Promotion and Integrative Public Health.  You won’t believe their
mission.  Here are a few examples:  1) worksite health promotion; 2)
community services and community health centers; 3) preventive medicine; 4)
health coaching; 5) public health education; 6) geriatrics; 7) rehabilitation
medicine, etc.  The opportunities for propaganda, hype, distortions and
lies is endless.  The cost will be horrendous and rise exponentially. 
These elites, who believe they know everything, are going to shove their
vision of "national public health" down our throats, whether we like
it or not ….. just like they shoved Obama care down our throats when
the majority of the American people said not just NO, but Hell No!
This little four page Executive Order
only paints a faint, but disturbing picture of what is in store for the people
of the United States under Obama Care.   There are still many more
onerous provisions of the over 2,000 pages of the actual legislation, that
have yet come to light.  This law, yeah it’s law now, is an American
nightmare, but a trial lawyer’s dream come true.  It is a
treasure chest of lawsuits between patients, doctors, hospitals and the
government.  Special interest groups will sue the government for provisions
of the law they allege the government isn’t adhering to and we, the tax payers,
will have to foot the bill.  Make no mistake, the bill will be in the
It’s a familiar pattern. 
Government passes a huge law, that no one knows what’s in it, and the lawyers
rub their hands together for the giant fees they will
earn, interpreting in the courts what the law really means.  The
government, never known for its accuracy or efficiency, will pay
out massive awards for damages and attorney’s fees because they failed to
comply with their own law.  If you aren’t convinced, go back and review the
history of the lawsuits under the Endangered Species Acts.  Lawyers and
environmental groups are getting obscenely rich off of the American
taxpayer.  They will get even wealthier under Obama
care.  Lawyers don’t have to chase ambulances any more.  All they
have to do is to follow the smell of the foul excrement that government
leaves in its wide swath of constitutional destruction.
Obama, Pelosi and Reid, along with a
majority of the Democrats in the House and Senate, tried to convince you that
Obama Care was revenue neutral.  They manipulated the numbers and lied
through their teeth.  They said the cost over 10 years would be under one
trillion dollars.  Poppy cock!  It will be three times that
amount, as it has been in all first estimates of government entitlement
They said that Obama Care would bring
down health care costs, all the while purposely ignoring the economics
that screamed at anyone who would take the time to analyze the
numbers.  The fact is, if you add 30,000,000 people to the health care
rolls with the same number of health care providers, health care costs will go
up, quality of health care will go down, health care waiting times
will increase and health care rationing is assured.  The fact is, if
the government mandates the insurance industry to add more services to their
policies, but tells them they can’t raise premiums, insurance companies will go
out of business and more and more health care costs will be piled onto the
public treasury.  If more insurance companies refuse to provide health care
, the burden will then fall on the federal government.  As the
burden rises on the government, a single-payer system will evolve quite quickly,
which is exactly what Obama, Pelosi and Reid wanted in the first place. 
And they knew it.  All they needed was a foot in the door and they got it
with Obama care.
Wise, intelligent and savvy Americans
realized these facts and said NO! to Obama care by the millions.  Did
that detour Obama, Pelosi and Reid?  Hardly!  They moved ahead with
Obama care with stealth and corruption, like an out-of-control locomotive, aided
and abetted by academia, left-wing bloggers, socialist billionaire George Soros
and the ever-compliant Obama mouth piece ….. the electronic and print news
As more facts come to light about
Obama care, the mood of the country against it, rises exponentially.  20
states have sued Obama care on constitutional grounds.  They will probably
win and the law will be struck down because there is no severability clause in
the legislation.  (the lawyers surely screwed up on that
  Several other states have moved to shield their
citizens from Obama care.   We predict that the November election will
be a referendum on Obama care and the lagging economy.  A shift to the
right may be larger than anyone imagines.
But there is an over-riding lesson in
this socialist movement to destroy America by Obama and 100 years of
liberal/progressive Democrats.  If the American people allow their
president and their representatives to continue to take apart the foundation of
our liberty with law, after law, after law, they will deserve what they
get.  In return for their apathy, disinterest and stupidity, they will be
condemned by future generations that will have to pay the price for the existing
generation’s in-action.  The American people have laid dormant
for over 100 and looked the other way while their government assumed powers
never authorized by the limits on their power  ….. the U. S.
.  Should they continue on this path, America, as a free
country, will simply cease to exist.
Elections are one way to send a
message to government that their actions are inexcusable and intolerable. 
But to effectively defend freedom, it will take more than elections every two
years to "drain the swamp".  It is going to take the American people rising
up, en masse, on the local level, the state level and the federal level to
demand that their government return to the principles of freedom and stay within
the limits of their constitutional powers, or face the indefinable horror
of civil war, or revolution.  The country is already arming itself for that
eventuality.  If the American people will re-engage in the process
of government as never before, violence may still be avoided.
In the final analysis, Americans are
not Europeans.  Americans will fight back against government tyranny
and they will fight back by whatever means, with an immutable pledge to their
country and each other ….. their lives, their fortunes and their
sacred honor.  As it was 234 years ago, freedom will have to be
regained once again by the shedding of blood, instead of by
the application and defense of the law of natural,
God-given rights.
Ron Ewart,
P. O.
Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No.
425 222-4743)
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