Aging Gas Pipes: Another Crisis Not to Be Wasted?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama
and his Marxist cohorts in Congress are known to be skilled parasites
when it comes to making political hay out of the misery and suffering of

A favorite party theme is to “let no crisis go unexploited!”

with Barack Obama clawing like a caged animal to hold on to his
dwindling political influence with mid-term elections just 50 days
hence, one cannot help but wonder if the president is privately
celebrating the gas pipeline crisis that struck in San Bruno, California last week?

As reported at, in part:

“SAN BRUNO, Calif. – An ominous theme has emerged from the wreckage of a deadly pipeline explosion in California: There are thousands of pipes just like it nationwide.

have been under pressure for years to better inspect and replace aging
gas pipes — many of them laid years before the suburbs expanded over
them and now at risk of leaking or erupting.

But the effort has
fallen short. Critics say the regulatory system is ripe for problems
because the government largely leaves it up to the companies to do
inspections, and utilities are reluctant to spend the money necessary to
properly fix and replace decrepit pipelines.

‘If this was the
FAA and air travel we were talking about, I wouldn’t get on a plane,’
said Rick Kessler, a former congressional staffer specializing in
pipeline safety issues who now works for the Pipeline Safety Trust, an
advocacy group based in Bellingham, Wash.”

Thousands of decrepit, dangerous pipelines throughout the nation, eh?

that with the fact that Obama is desperately in search of an
“infrastructure” crisis that he can use to justify pumping at least
another $50 billion into so as to “stimulate” the Obamanomics
economy, which has not yet recovered from the 2009 Obama trillion-dollar
mistake, and you have the perfect set-up for another Marxist body blow
to the American economy.

Are aging pipes filled with hot gas a legitimate concern?

Yes, of course.

the hot gas bags that represent the greatest threat to America are
named Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all of the other reckless rascals with a D
next to their name.

Bottom Line: Let’s get rid of the incompetent gas bags in
Washington, D.C. and elect people with the common sense needed to fix America’s infrastructure

John W. Lillpop

  1. #1 by rachat crédit on October 24, 2010 - 6:23 pm

    I love reading your blog for the reason that you can constantly get us fresh and cool things, I think that I should at least say a thank you for your hard work.

    – Henry

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