Katie Couric As Usual Confuses Politics With Reality

Katie Couric As Usual Confuses Politics With Reality
 By Jerry McConnell Full Story

In her usual, and often wrong, perception of happenings in our world,
cutie, perky, (jerky) Katie Couric blew it again.  How is it that even a
broken-down two bit network the likes of CBS puts up with the likes of
her? Desperation perhaps?  Can’t find any improvements?

Obama Set to Follow Tiger
 By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky Full Story

has history ever witnessed the strikingly similar careers of two
stars—from the diverse worlds of sports and politics. The plot is
however well tried and tested by the media and Hollywood—meteoric
stardom accompanied by the adulation of a worshipful press followed by
colossal failure and or scandal and a precipitous nose dive, ending in a
crash, prompting recourse to such Biblical proverbs as “Oh How the
Mighty Have Fallen!” (2 Samuel: 1-25)

Obama’s Threat to America
 By Christopher Massie Full Story

are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of
America.” With these words, Barack Hussein Obama would hear the sound
of cheering voices erupt from every corner of the room he was working.
He stood before a podium that was dressed with the now famous banner
carrying the moniker, “Change We Need.”

Burning the Koran and its Possible Implications
 By Sayeh Hassan Full Story

Recently Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Centre
announced that his church would be celebrating “Burn the Koran Day” on
September 11th 2010 in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the
9/11 attacks.

Obama to address school-children…. again
 By Greg Halvorson Full Story

It’s that time of year, a closet Marxist has appeased
unions on Labor Day, pads are cracking in stadiums nationwide, and
bus-stops are bustling with rosy-cheeked children who rarely ever get to
hear a Marxist talk.  Lucky for them, Uncle Sam enjoys talking,
especially to audiences filled with young minds.

Elephant Community Suffers Another Drive By
 By Michael R. Shannon Full Story

There was a RINO sighting in the capitol over the weekend. Meghan
McCain (Republican In Name Only) was making the rounds selling her new

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