Extinquishing the Flame of Free Speech: Good for America?

By John W. Lillpop

Pundits from all political ideologies have sought to portray the Rev. Terry Jones as a crazed pyromaniac with a cross in one hand and a book of matches in the other.

insanity is, they suggest, the result of an over dose of exuberant
Christianity, a mind-blowing affliction common among unwashed,
uneducated and uncivilized white heathen deep in the Old South.

Southern, white, Christian, male? That says it all when it comes to understanding the likes of Reverend

President Obama, the man who promised to reduce health care costs by adding 30 million uninsured via ObamaCare, even went so far as to call Jones’ Koran burning idea a “stunt.”

A stunt, sir?

assured, Mr. President, that the rage which continues to dwell in the
hearts of patriotic Americans over the events of 9/11 is no stunt!

On the other hand,erecting a Muslim mosque next to Ground Zero where 3,000 Americans were incinerated nine years ago is surely a “stunt,” by those eager to provoke hatred and violence.

you did express support for the Ground Zero mosque, did you not, sir?
Why then the complete lack of understanding for the impulses of a
small-time Christian reverend who, on a good Sunday, manages to entice all of 50 people to his church?

And then only when coffee and cookies are offered as refreshment, free of charge!

the media and our
befuddled president have made Reverend Jones the focal point of this
kerfuffle when, in fact, the reverend is an irrelevant bit player in a
much larger controversy.

Indeed, Americans should be very concerned, and down right frightened, when the President of the United States and top military officials urge American citizens to abandon free speech rights in order to pacify terrorists!

How can that be anything but a huge victory for the terrorists?

not such a victory be a powerful recruiting tool for Al-Quaeda and
others who could claim that they own the power to shut down debate in

What other public expressions should be squelched so as not to offend the terrorists?

Should sentiments supporting Jews and Israel be squashed?

Dare we not express our outrage concerning the barbaric and inhumane practice of public stoning in Iran?

Again, ceding free speech rights would usurp liberty, freedom,
and the American spirit in our blessed homeland.

Finally, American lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan to date will have been for naught if the terrorists are permitted to shut down free speech in America.

Why in the world should America voluntarily extinguish the Flame of Free Speech, the linchpin of our cherished freedom?

John W. Lillpop

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