Pied Piper Obama

An increasingly irrelevant mainstream media and headed-for-midterm Democrats are now blaming Obama for going too far to the left

By Dr. Tim Ball and Judi McLeod  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Purportedly the Pied Piper events took place in Hamelin on June 26,
1284. The story is that a rat infestation led to a reward for their
removal. A piper arrived in town seeking the reward for removing the
pests. Denied his reward he retaliated by luring all the town’s children

We’ll never know whether the Pied Piper of old entered a desperate
Hamelin as a con man or as the go-to guy to lure the rats out of Dodge. 

An increasingly irrelevant mainstream media (MSM) and
headed-for-midterm Democrats are now blaming Obama for going too far to
the left.

blame him for creating economy-destroying policies and for letting
ideology override reason and logic in a way that threatens those values
that made the US successful. But they were the same ones who brought him
to town to get rid of the rats personified by the nasty capitalists,
bankers, industrialists, and entrepreneurs who forged the most
successful economy and society in history. 

It takes a real town overrun by rats to seek the services of a
celebrated Pied Piper.  A rat’s nest created by ideology run amok is
only a manufactured crisis.

The MSM and Dems were the ones who idolized and promoted Obama while
failing to see what was so frighteningly obvious. As they say, there are
none so blind as those who will not see. You are known by the company
you keep is another appropriate cliché because you have to deliberately
overlook the long list of Obama’s associations to know what the man was
about. If it was just Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers an excuse is
possible, but there are too many people accompanied by too numerous
actions, activities and writings to ignore or pretend they were of no

You can argue that Obama is a con artist who pretended to be more
centrist during the campaign, but that only fooled those who wanted to
be fooled. Obama and his gang, with the contrivance of the MSM, silenced
those who did see what he was doing by inferring they were right wing
racists. For them there is no pleasure in “I told you so.”

His duplicity and confidence tricks continued once in power. Publicly
he tended to be mealy-mouthed about his positions so the MSM continued
to believe he was not an extreme leftist. He did this so well that the
extreme left, which knew he was putting on a show to get elected,
believed he had sold them out. Despite this his actions were so rapid
and extreme that an increasing percentage of those were fooled were
beginning to see the realities. The MSM only began to catch on recently
as they saw more and more people, especially Democrats, begin to abandon
the Piper.

Meanwhile Obama was implementing his left wing policies leading to
almost total government control by avoiding the checks and balances the
Founding Fathers had put in place to anticipate actions by such a
demagogue. They were opposed to totalitarianism whether it came from the
left or right. 20th century Americans never dreamed it could come from
the left and with such lightning speed. They did not realize that once a
bureaucratic Frankenstein was created it could not be killed and would
require constant appeasement. Worse, they perpetuated problems rather
than resolving them. Another cliché fist; you can’t beat City Hall. This
involved almost total subservience and surrender of freedom, the very
values that makes the US successful and unique. People tend to think of
smaller government as fewer representatives, but that is only the tip of
the iceberg.

Pied Piper Obama has taken the children in the form of the
bureaucracies and that percentage of the population who want government
to do everything for them. The cliché that evolves from the Pied Piper
story is that the piper must be paid. In Britain the new conservative
government and the people are already confronted with the cost.

The end of the Pied Piper Obama story is still in the making. 

Not likely those who hailed him at his inauguration ever thought
they’d star in the modern remaking of the Pied Piper as the rats
deserting a sinking ship.

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