Obama, The Con Man, never found a lie he didn’t like, or couldn’t embellish.

"Without an Idea, Capital and
American Worker is

By Ron Ewart,

National Association of Rural
nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights

© Copyright September 7, 2010 – All
Rights Reserved
Did you see Obama in a labor day
speech in Milwaukee this last weekend, dripping all over himself about the
American worker?  He was in full campaign mode to his base.  It was,
to this observer, disgusting.  In the true spirit of Marxism and
"let the workers of the world unite", (Andy Stern – SEIU) he gushed socialist praises and
accolades on his adoring audience.  He shouted about his
accomplishments of regulating the banks, wall street and the fat cats, doing as
he always does, pitting one class of people against another.  He
extolled the virtues of nationalizing the entire American health care
industry and that it would create jobs and save money.  This hollow con man
never found a lie he didn’t like, or couldn’t embellish. 
But the hard, cold truth is, workers
in and of themselves, are not the only element in the equation that produces
products, services, wealth and an increasing standard of living.  Workers,
without an idea, capital and natural resources are virtually nothing and can
create nothing.  To be fair, an idea, capital and natural resources are
nothing without the American worker.  They work in concert with each
other.  Each is indispensable to the equation and the equation will not
work without each of the needed elements. 
But none of the elements can stand
alone, as Obama and all the other union and socialists of America would have you
believe.  Are they proposing that the workers of America take over and
confiscate the ideas, the capital and wealth and the natural resources?  Do
they think that they can control the wealth?  Are they going to create the
ideas?  When did the individual worker create a job?  They don’t
create jobs, they work at jobs for the salary that allows them to live in
relative comfort.  Entrepreneurs and inventors create ideas.  Again,
to be fair, some workers become entrepreneurs and go out on their own to create
more jobs, products, services and wealth. 
Wealth and money fund "good"
ideas.   Ideas, wealth and natural resources, coupled with labor
create more jobs, products, services, more wealth and a higher standard of
living for everyone.  That’s how the capitalistic system works and it works
well, when government gets the Hell out of the way.
For at least the last 100 years, the
political elite, the money changers and the power brokers have found a way to
entrench their power, way beyond the limits that were placed upon them by the
confines of the U. S. Constitution.  They found devious ways around those
limits.  They used propaganda, hype, distortions and lies to indoctrinate
the naive among us as a weapon.  They have used that weapon to throw monkey
wrenches into the gears of capitalism.  They create and exploit emergencies
in order to pass legislation that entrenches their power even more.  They
care not one whit about the masses.  They care only about power, money and
political influence.  They use the allegations of racism, race bating, hate
and bigotry against their detractors, to divide this country into warring
They have instituted socialism
and radical environmental indoctrination in our schools and colleges, whose
graduates fill positions in government with their learned social and
environmental bias.  That social justice and environmental bias are evident
in every bureaucracy and agency of local, state and federal government
.  These biases permeate every piece of proposed legislation and
legislation that is passed into law.  Environmental protection has nothing
to do with saving the planet.   Draconian environmental regulations
are nothing more than a means to an end ….. control of the
masses.    They play on our emotions of sympathy, empathy,
compassion and guilt to rationalize each new socialist and entitlement
In spite of the overwhelming evidence
that a system based on socialism will eventually fail, they continue on this
course to economic oblivion. 
We’re on their "train" and they have
locked all the doors so we can’t get off without some sort of violence to OPEN
the doors.  Their socialist "train" is picking up speed and it is headed
for a sharp curve that is sure to derail the "train" and send it careening over
a cliff.
All we need to do is to look at
Europe as a failed model of governing through socialism, along with class and
ethnic warfare.  They promised the citizens everything to get their
votes.  Now they find they can’t pay for "everything" and they have to
start re-trenching, backing up and taking a hard look at the promises they now
can’t keep because they ran out of other people’s money to pay the bill. 
Just today, huge riots and strikes have erupted on the streets of London and
Paris because the governments there have the audacity to take way what they
promised to the people in exchange for their loyalty and their votes. 
Those same strikes and riots will reach the streets of America for exactly the
same reason, as the American government has no other choice but to re-trench,
back up and take a hard look at the promises they now can’t keep because they
finally ran out of other people’s money to pay the bills.
The choices before us are hard and
difficult if we are to avoid riots, strikes, financial collapse and the further
loss of freedom, liberty and sovereignty.  If we can’t change the direction
America is headed at the ballot box this November and again in 2012, we may have
to change the direction of America by other more difficult means.  If the
idea creators, the wealthy and prosperous and hard-working Americans don’t
come together and unite under the principles of freedom, free choice, free
thought and free enterprise, the America of yesterday will cease to exist and
freedom will once again have to be won by violence.
If government has become too powerful
and the citizens cannot win back their freedom by any means, then the planet
will descend into mediocrity, deprivation, poverty and eventually
anarchy.  The people will have forsaken freedom in exchange for
security and comfort and they will have voluntarily committed themselves to
indentured servitude in perpetuity.
It was not our attempt here to demean
the American worker.  They are the most productive work force on the
planet.  Our attempt was to put the elements of a free enterprise system in
perspective, where each element is dependent on the other and if the system is
to work, those elements must work cooperatively with each other.  If
they go to war with each other, as they have for far too long and are still
doing, the most productive, the most industrious, the most creative and most
generous work force that was ever assembled in any one country, will
disintegrate into petty bickering and constant strife and the best standard of
living that exists anywhere on the Earth will descend into third-world
Ron Ewart,
P. O.
Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No.
425 222-4743)
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