Obama Barking Up Wrong Tree?

By John W. Lillpop

Like a whiny infant irritated by diaper rash and sour pablum, President Obama recently exposed his own inability to handle criticism and, really, opposition of any sort.

In Milwaukee at a labor-day festival to stroke big labor unions,
Obama announced another $50 billion dollar “stimulus” proposal to
revive the American economy which has yet to recover from his
trillion-dollar folly signed into law 20 months ago.

Have you checked with VP Biden lately, Mr.
President? He seems to think that America is “headed in the right direction,” if you can imagine.

Biden knows something that you do not, sir? As difficult as that is to
fathom, stranger things have happened, although I’ll be damned if I can
name any.

Back to Milwaukee and what amounts to Obama’s rattle-rousing against the Republicans.

As reported at the NYtimes.com, in part:

Obama also used Monday’s appearance here to deliver a hearty defense of
his policies and take a few whacks at Republicans. “They talk about me
like a dog,” the president said. “That’s not in my prepared remarks, but
it’s true.” And Mr. Obama repeatedly referred to the House Republican
leader, Representative John Boehner, as “the man who wants to be speaker.”

Like a dog, sir?

That seems most unlikely, sir, given the fact that the dog is generally considered “man’s best friend,” a
designation that few, if any, Republicans would bestow on you or your administration.

to another stimulus program, sir, most Republicans would be delighted
to join you in a program that has a chance to work. Do you or Joe know
of any positive benefit from the trillion-dollar mistake of 2009?

far as Republicans talking about you as if you are a dog, why shut them
up with a common sense action to improve the economy? Like extending
the Bush tax cuts?

That will send the hyenas scrambling for cover, sir,

Otherwise, just roll over and get ready to spend the next two years in the dog house where John Boehner will be in charge!


John W. Lillpop

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