Labor Day 2010: Welcome to the Sound of Democrats on the Run

The Making of a Dependent Electorate
 By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

the Obama Administration has done, was for the purpose of creating a
dependent electorate. A people that would have no choice but let them
wield as much power as they want, without a word of protest.

The dependent electorate represents the hijacking of America. It aims
for a major power shift that takes power from the people and gives it
to the government. Traditionally the people were dependent on the

Labor Day 2010: Welcome to the Sound of Democrats on the Run
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

the Sunday before Labor Day, and that sound you hear wherever you are
is the sound of the pavement pounding-feet of the Democrats running from
their leader in utter panic!

What sweet news on the eve of Labor Day 2010 with unemployment at a
shameful 9.6 percent high:  Patriots now have the Dems on the run.

The Summer of Recovery that never happened ends on a Labor Day with
voters chafing at the bit as the clock moves ahead to November 2

Nazi Dreams were Green Dreams
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

In a week when Jews will celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the New Year—5771,
the connection between the Nazi’s rebellion against the Judeo-Christian
worldview and the present-day ideology that drives the environmental
movement needs to be exposed.

Celebrate Constitution Day
 By Henry Lamb Full Story

To listen, click here
On September 17, 1787, the Constitution Convention meeting in
Philadelphia adopted the greatest document on self governance ever
written: the Constitution for the United States of America.  For the
first time in history, representatives of we the people, created a
government empowered by the consent of we, the people, to exercise only
those limited powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

The Art of Negotiations
 By Ted Belman Full Story

Why would anyone want to enter into negotiations for a settlement of
anything, where he had to beg the other party to participate? Even more
so, where he had to give real concessions to the other party just to sit
at the same table.
What can possible come from such negotiations?

Michigan Democrats Told Their Fake Tea Party Is Illegal
 By Warner Todd Huston Full Story

The Michigan Supreme Court has made the final decision eliminating the fraudulent “Tea Party” Party from the 2010 elections.

Obama Braggadocio about Iraq: Another Failure!
 By John Lillpop Full Story

He began his disastrous term as U.S. president by ordering the
closure of GITMO. Thankfully, that order has never been carried out.

Will the President relieve the oppression of his own decorated officer?
 By Rev. Michael Bresciani Full Story

For several years I’ve written op-eds, (opinion editorials)
inspirational pieces and commentaries on just about every subject there
is with an eye to revealing how the scriptures speak to each subject. I
find that even those Americans who are not very religious often respond
to the basic common sense of a matter.

Wanted: One Honest and Fearless Judge
 By Jerry McConnell Full Story

But first; does one actually exist in our country?  From all
appearances it would not seem that a judge who would rule fairly and
constitutionally on the question of eligibility of Barack H. Obama to
rule as President and Commander in Chief of our armed services can be

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