J.B. Williams
August 31, 2010

for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all of their commie comrades here and abroad,
capitalists know communism when they see it and they ain’t investing
in it! Hence, the sudden realization that Obama’s so-called economic
recovery via communism has indeed hit
a stall

in investment capital left the American free market on the mere hint
that Obama might become the new temporary resident of 1600 Pennsylvania

Successful investors
make their living predicting the future, anticipating financial trends
before they happen. In the good ole days of the free-market economy,
these predictions were all based on supply-side economic trends that
we have witnessed for more than 200 years of economic supremacy in the

But in recent years,
those predictions have been made more on the basis of predicting government
manipulation of the not-so-free markets. When the communists come to
town promising to strip some of their rightful earnings and redistribute
the earned wealth of some to others in exchange for their votes, he
with the gold will make a new set of economic rules.

As parts of the
world that tried and failed with varying degrees of socialism are now
openly embracing fiscal responsibility and free-market principles, capitalists
are happy to take their bird-in-hand and shoot for the two in the bush
elsewhere, where the willingness to risk capital is rewarded with the
potential for profit.

Call it “outsourcing
capitalism,” – the practice of penalizing success in tax codes
and anti-free-market regulation, aka government manipulation of economic
freedom – forcing American investors off-shore to foreign markets hungry
for investors to help them grow their economies.

Without economic
freedom, the individual right to work, risk, sacrifice, earn, own and
pass down to the next family generation, there is no individual freedom
at all. Capitalists understand and embrace this reality. However, those
seeking government powers instead of individual power couldn’t
care less. They live in an imaginary utopian reality of their own, with
visions o someone else’s sugar plums dancing on the dining table.

All of our economic
indicators are in the toilet, none more foretelling than the abysmal
state of housing
. Thanks to the BIG SPENDING Marxist policy decisions of the
American left, the American Dream is now a nightmare for most decent
Americans watching their life savings evaporate!

In the end, the
overwhelming message is quite simple – Capitalists don’t
invest in communism!
They never have and they never will.

To kill the goose
that laid the golden egg of unparalleled wealth and prosperity in the
shining city on the hill, you need only remove the incentive to invest.
Clamp a regulatory vise on the will to risk and achieve, then tax the
rich and famous into equality with the homeless and desperate and you
have killed that goose.

Investors escaped
the U.S. assault on success before Obama was sworn into office and they
have not returned since. Those who have made a profession of acquiring
wealth are not foolish enough to allow a bunch of done-nothing Marxist
ideologues to rape and plunder their earnings.

That money is long
gone, off-shore long ago and working in countries now growing their
way out of the socialist economic abyss by championing the same free-market
principles that once made America the most powerful nation on Earth.

The economic justice
regime currently destroying the U.S. economy and way of life cannot
stop the bleeding without completely reversing course. Their patient
is on its last gasp and the fact that they want every voter to believe
that it’s all Bush’s fault, only demonstrates that they
have no clue how to save our economy, and no intention of reversing

As a result, things
MUST get much worse before they can get any better.

Our horrific economic
condition is not yet directly affecting every American. Most still live
like there is no bottom to the well, even as the nation is clearly scraping

Obama & Co.
have increased the nation’s debt by 40% in the first two years
of unbridled expansion of government. This accounts only for the actual
losses incurred during the current fiscal year. It does not account
for another hundred trillion in unfunded forward promises that will
drive us from the existing 100% debt to GDP – to 300% debt to
GDP over the next ten years.

No nation has ever
survived such policies, yet here we are, rushing towards the cliff.

CBS reports that
only 20% of Americans still think Obama is headed in the right
economically. The other 80% can’t decide if we are
in a holding pattern or headed for the cliff.
Investors know that there is no such thing as a “holding pattern”
in economics.


Like life itself,
an economy is either living or dying, expanding or contracting. This
reality might go missing on the average citizen though, who are largely
of the optimistic view that nothing can truly destroy the American Dream.
But trust me when I say, investors live by this reality. Don’t
confuse the terms investor, gambler and donor.

Day trading is
not investing – it is gambling. It’s akin to betting on which
lotto ticket is going to have the winning number today. Day traders
watch for short-term trends in market movements, once again, largely
based on morning headlines and government manipulations of the markets.

They are in and
back out of a stock in minutes or hours, usually without even knowing
the name or product of the business behind the trading ID.

Gamblers are even
planning to catch the brass ring one last time in a market

Donors are charitable
givers. They are not investing – they are giving. They are not seeking
a return on their investment. They are only seeking to help others with
no expectation of anything in return. Those who are unable to help themselves
are also unable to help anyone else.

Donors give of
themselves, from their own resources, by their own will and God bless
them for what they do. But they are not investors…

An investor bets
his bird in hand on the two in the bush, on an educated guess that while
an element of risk exists, it is a calculated risk with a reasonable
chance of success. The motive for risk is profit, or gain. There is
no other reason to invest. Without profit motive, there are no investors.

When the potential
for gain is removed or even greatly reduced or restricted, the reason
to invest is eliminated.

Abusive taxation
and regulation removes or limits any chance of return on investment.
It’s not complicated, nor is it avoidable. Still, Obama is running
a daily assault on capitalism.

American Democratic
Socialists fail to grasp these inescapable concepts. They do not seek
investors, whom they see as “greedy capitalist pigs.” As
a result, they run investors out of the market leaving only gamblers
and donors in place. The economy contracts without investment and every
American Dream will soon become a nightmare, as the jobs market retracts
and workers lose the ability to keep up with the increasing cost of
living and shrinking earning capacity.

The only way to
reverse these trends is to reverse course. But Democratic Socialists
have no such intention.

Many voters hope
to force a reversed course in the 2010 mid-term elections, removing
Democratic Socialists from congress and replacing them with Republicans.

Voters now trust
Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 of the important issues regularly
tracked, according to Rasmussen

When asked which
party they now trust most to deal with the top 10 issues of our day,
voters chose Republicans over Democratic Socialists 47% to 39%. After
twenty months of unbridled Obama and only an 11% congressional approval
rating, that spread should be much greater — especially since nations
all over the globe are bankrupt from the same Marxist ideals espoused
by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

Like the words
patriot, hero and constitutionalist, the word communist
is often overused and abused. But when blatant policies are perfectly
aligned and open
are easily confirmed, calling things by their proper
name is pretty vital to the decision making process of voters.

At this late date,
calling communism by the politically correct terms, progressive,
socialist, liberal
or Marxism is a disservice to the voting population.
If people want communism, let them vote for it out in the open. Tricking
voters into voting for communism under another name must stop!

As for the American
Dream, if the people want that back, they will have to take it back
from the Democratic Socialist found in both the Democrat and Republican
parties today. As Karl Marx said – Democracy is the road to
. Democratically voting themselves gifts from the public
trough will end in socialism every time.

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November may return
Republicans to power leaving Obama a lame-duck resident of the people’s
White House. But it is the people who must return the nation to constitutional
conservatism and fiscal sanity after the election, no matter which party
is in power.

The future of this
nation is not in the hands of a few politicians. It is in the hands
of millions of average Americans, a growing number of whom seem ready
to engage. Getting rid of the communists in DC is key to bringing investors
back to America. Until we do that, the economy cannot recover or even


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Joins Communists, La Raza, ACLU, Other Unions in Voter Registration

© 2010 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

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