6:07 pm.. April 10, 2009..


Friday, April 10, 2009

By Marion Valentine

As Obama and his puppet masters continue to bankrupt America, will we soon see the announcement below?

America has just become a member of the Global Union Of Socialist
Nation States. Before Congress voted to disband itself, nullify the
constitution, and placing the jurisdiction of of America’s justice
system into the hands of the International Courts, they named Mr. Obama
as the sole Delegate to represent interests of the United Socialist
Nation State in the United Nations. Mr. Obama’s appointment is a
lifetime Appointment. Mr. Obama has picked for his advisers and policy
George Soros, and the entire membership of the Democracy Alliance.

The people of America are now free from the burden of going to the
polls to vote, worrying about a job, or paying taxes. You will be
assigned a job by your community ACORN supervisor. Since there will no
longer be any Currency, you will be issued a voucher to obtain your
basic needs.

The elderly and disabled will be relocated to the new National Care
Facilities being built. So you the healthy working class will no longer
have the burden of caring for a disabled or elderly relative.

Since it has been demonstrated in past elections, the people of the
Former United States Of America, desired a government which supplied
their every need from the cradle to the grave, and which required little
or no effort or thought on their part. I am sure we will have a
peaceful and contented people.

All of our Military is now under the control of the United Nations,
but we have mobilized a National Civilian Security Force, to maintain
order, track down criminals and turn them over to the International
Justice system, where if they are found guilty, depending upon the
severity of the crime as determined by the International court, will be
either executed or sentenced to be confined in detention work centers.

We, the United Nations Delegates to the Global Union Of Socialist
Nation States pledge that all who are able to work, will work, and that
those unable to work will be taken care of.

Marion Valentine

U.S. Navy Intelligence Service (Disabled)

When I see our ‘Prez’ apologizing to European Socialists who hate us anyway, for America being what it is..I want to scream!
‘New and improved’, quiet and docile..isn’t that the way they describe a
neutered dog? Well, there are a lot of Americans who refuse to go
quietly into the night without a fight. The news media wanted their pet
project in the White House so they could pat each other on the back and
proclaim “look how wonderful and liberal we are”. Well, say hello to
reality, folks. Mainstream America is getting mad. We don’t trust our
Government anymore. We have been betrayed by the thieving ‘banking
oversight committee’.
Our economy is a shambles and all the Democrats want to do is tax us to
death. N. Korea launchers a long range rocket and Obama says the world
should do something. Yeah, I’m impressed already.
Election day can’t come soon enough for me.
Good honest people feel completely betrayed and are simply fed up. Obama
said that we ‘cling to our guns and our bibles’…Good. I’d rather cling
to those then to his bogus socialism.
Posted by George on 04/06 at 09:19 PM | #

That was such a well written, scary article that basically expressed
the fears of 1/2 of America. Obama may have one the election, but it
was only with the help of biased media that made him appear like a God.
He preyed on the poor, the uneducated and the inexperienced young person
who has no real understanding of the world of politics. He filled
peoples heads with dreams of stimulus checks and with the medias help
made people feel they were racist if they did not vote for him. I
personally don’t feel he is even a natural born citizen of our country
and it definitely not to be trusted.

He didn’t, however win by a landslide, which he should have with all
of the money and media help he had. Americans are not stupid and will
not be fooled by this want to be Messiah. As for the polls, I wouldn’t
exactly trust what they say. In my area NOBAMA shirts are quite popular
and will be until we get this fraud out of office. I am a democrat who
would not vote for a man with such a devious background of associates
and ideology. His policies will fail, but America will survive and
thrive once we remove the hopeful socialist from office.
Posted by Badger on 04/06 at 11:05 AM | #

It’s a great piece of writing that summarizes the feelings of many
middle class citizens. Some of us hope these plans work, but if not even
those who have been blinded by the rhetoric won’t be able to avoid the
truth of hyperinflation, across the board tax increases and a new,
expanded war. Hopefully, we’ll be able to reverse the damage that seems
so obvious to most of us. Although some say Obama has a mandate to
spend, borrow and print trillions, I don’t believe he would have been
elected if the plan details were publicized during the campaign. If he
fails, he has done an injustice to every future minority candidate.
Posted by Nick on 04/05 at 03:00 AM | #

Don’t write America off just yet. We’ll get rid of this Presidential
turd-bird and be back at it soon. The purpose of this election was to
show the world that quota babies aren’t what they are cracked up to be.
Posted by conrad carter on 04/05 at 01:18 AM | #

I have never, in my life. read anything as scary or disgusting as
what you wrote. If this were to happen, I can only pray God will take me
soon, since I will not have a life anymore.
Posted by Susan Asbury on 04/04 at 11:21 PM | #

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