The Liberal-Islamist Alliance

IPCC and CRU Rewrite Facts But Can’t Rewrite History
 By Dr. Tim Ball Full Story

week two events provide opportunities to understand the political
influences on climate science and the real influence of climate on

First was Sean Hannity’s program The Green Swindle,
a very good overview of the entire range of issues from hijacking of
climate science by people at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to the dangers of cap
and trade.

The Liberal-Islamist Alliance
 By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

Ground Zero Mosque debate is only the latest in a long series of
incidents in which liberals have chosen to side with Islamists, while
denying their victims a fair hearing or any hearing at all. Opponents of
the mosque are painted as “Islamophobic Extremists” representing
nothing but bigotry and hate. This is much the same way that the liberal
cultural elite has placed the blame for over a thousand years of Muslim
persecution of Jews on “Zionist Extremism”. While a Koran in the toilet
becomes a front page story, the ongoing persecution of Hindus,
Zoroastrians and Christians in Muslim countries is only a footnote in
the State Department’s human rights report.

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