Andrew Breitbart is a media genius.

is nothing more than a common criminal with the full weight of the United
States Government
behind him. How did we allow this to happen and what will we
do about it. I hope you send this e-mail on.


Pigs now fly – I’ve found where they roost!


ask that you read this in its entirety….pretty interesting and


came in this morning in response to the WSJ article published yesterday on Obama dividing America on
.  There is no need to make any other comment other than pass
along this mind boggling information…all comments that follow are from this


is a media genius.

He proved it originally with his brilliant handling of the ACORN
‘hooker’ scandal which he skillfully manipulated so that the corrupt media was
forced, against its will, to broadcast corruption in one of Obama’s most
powerful political support groups.  But Breitbart’s handing of that affair
is nothing compared to his brilliant manipulation of the Shirley Sherrod ‘white
farmer’ scandal.


all began last Monday, July 22, 2010.  As the country watched in horror,
Breitbart released a snippet of a tape on his "Big Government" site
which showed an obscure
black female official of the Dept. of Agriculture laughing to a roomful of
NAACP members about how she’d discriminated against a destitute white farmer
and refused to give him the financial aid he desperately needed. As she smirked
to the room, she’d sent him instead to a white lawyer – ‘one of his own kind’ –
for help.


black woman was Shirley Sherrod – and almost immediately she became the center
of a firestorm of controversy which exploded throughout the country. Within a
day of the release of that infamous tape, the head of the Dept. of Agriculture,
spurred on by Obama, demanded – and received – Sherrod’s resignation. Breitbart
had won.


then seemingly Breitbart’s actions began to explode in his face.


Sherrod screamed in protest, FOX News released the entire text of her speech
last March to the NAACP.


there on tape Sherrod was shown supposedly repenting of her racism against a
white farmer and instead championing his fight to win funds to keep his farm
afloat. Within hours of that entire tape being revealed
, the entire world turned
against Andrew Breitbart. Conservatives throughout the country were enraged
that he’d endangered their reputations by releasing a ‘doctored’ tape.
Breitbart, they thundered, had dealt a fatal blow to the conservative media.


confess that I also was horrified at what I saw as the clumsiness and stupidity
of Breitbart in ‘doctoring’ a tape to make a supposedly innocent woman look
guilty. But now I discover I have been as guilty of haste to judgment of
Breitbart as the Dept. of Agriculture was of Ms. Sherrod.


Only now am I realizing the
real purpose for Breitbart’s release of that tape snippet. It was to allow him
to cunningly trick the media into exposing one of the most shocking examples of
corruption in the federal government – a little known legal case called
"Pigford v. Glickman".


1997, 400 African-American farmers sued the United States Department of
, alleging that they had been unfairly denied USDA loans due to
racial discrimination during the period 1983 to 1997." The case was
entitled "Pigford v. Glickman" and in 1999, the black farmers won their
case. The government agreed to pay each of them as much as $50,000 to settle
their claims.


But then on February 23 of
this year, something shocking happened in relation to that original judgment.
In total silence, the USDA agreed to release more funds to "Pigford".
The amount was a staggering $1.25 billion.  This was because the original
number of plaintiffs –
400 black farmers – had now swollen in a class action suit to include a total
of 86,000 black farmers throughout America .


There was only one teensy
problem.  The United States of America doesn’t have 86,000 black
farmers.  According to accurate and totally verified census data, the
total number of black farmers throughout America is only 39,697.




Well, gosh – how on earth did 39,697 explode into 86,000 claims? And
how did $50,000 explode into $1.25 billion?  Well, folks, you’ll just have
to ask the woman who not only spearheaded this case because of her position in
1997 at the "Rural Development Leadership Network" but whose family
received the highest single payout (approximately $13 million) from that action
Shirley Sherrod.




Yes, folks.  It appears that Ms. Sherrod had just unwittingly
exposed herself as the perpetrator of one of the biggest fraud claims in the
United States – a fraud enabled solely because she screamed racism at the
government and cowed them into submission.  And it gets even more


Ms. Sherrod has also
exposed the person who aided and abetted her in this race fraud. As it turns
out, the original judgment of "Pigford v. Glickman" in 1999 only
applied to a total of 16,000 black farmers. But in 2008, a junior Senator got a
law passed to reopen the case and allowmore black farmers to sue for funds. 
The Senator was Barack Obama.


Because this law was passed in dead silence and because the woman
responsible for spearheading it was an obscure USDA official, American
taxpayers did not realize that they had just been forced in the midst of a
worldwide depression to pay out more than $1.25 billion to settle a race claim.


But Breitbart knew.  And last
Monday, July 22, 2010, he cleverly laid a trap which Sherrod – and Obama –
stumbled headfirst into which has now resulted in the entire world discovering
the existence of this corrupt financial judgment.  Yes, folks – Breitbart
is a genius.


As for Ms. Sherrod? 
Well, she’s discovered too late that her cry of ‘racism’ to the media which was
intended to throw the spotlight on Breitbart has instead thrown that spotlight
on herself – and her corruption. Sherrod has vanished from public
view.   Her ‘pigs’, it seems, have come home to roost.






Federal corruption at its best, and you and I are paying for it!

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