Leaning on Levity to Deliver Us from Obama

Leaning on Levity to Deliver Us from Obama
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

imageIn times like this we all need a little levity.

Leaning on levity can pull you through the blackest of days.

While some are stashing “bug outs” in the trunks of their cars should
an escape hatch be needed before November 2,  Barack and Michelle are
off on yet ANOTHER vacation.  During their weekend getaway in Florida,
they came up with their Bill and Hillary bathing suit dance, Obama
style.  Only theirs was a picture of the hands only as they
romantically held hands on the rail of a Gulf ferry.  Just one week
before Michelle left Barack on his lonesome for his 49th birthday, but
heck a photo op is a photo op when you’re crashing in popularity polls.

Let’s Attack Iran
 By Ari Bussel Full Story

It was rumored long ago that Israel engaged in the unilateral
disengagement from Gaza, uprooting thousands of Israelis from their
homes and places of livelihood, when there were pending investigations
against Arik Sharon and/or his sons.  The argument goes that the purpose
then was to create a diversion.

Who is Really Politicizing Ground Zero?
 By Daniel Greenfield Full Story

crunching the numbers and realizing that backing a mosque near Ground
Zero, plays to average Americans about as well as flag burning on 4th of
July, the Dems have emerged with a new talking point. The Republicans
are “politicizing” Ground Zero. Thanks to the exposure of Jornolist,
we’ve already seen how liberal media pundits and Democratic campaign
strategists collaborate to develop and distribute talking points in
response to a setback. Now we’re seeing the same thing at work as Time’s
Mark Halperin goes around promoting the “politicizing Ground Zero”
talking point. It’s already been picked up by Senator Robert Menendez and Governor Christie, who worked to help Hamas linked Imam, Mohammad Qatanani, stay in America.

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