Ann Coulter: Let’s play ‘spot the Democrat’!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let’s play ‘spot the Democrat’!
Ann Coulter identifies party affiliation of high-rollin’ city officials in Bell, Calif.

Posted: August 11, 2010
5:48 pm Eastern

By Ann Coulter

the greatest party-affiliation cover-up since the media tried to
portray Gary Condit as a Republican, the media are refusing to mention
the party affiliation of the thieving government officials in Bell,

have been hundreds of news stories about Bell city officials’
jaw-dropping salaries. In this poor city on the outskirts of Los
Angeles, where the per capita annual income is $24,800 a year, the city
manager, Robert Rizzo, had a salary of $787,637.

That’s about twice what the president of the United States makes. (To be fair, Rizzo was doing a better job.)

was the highest-paid government employee in the entire country, not
counting Maxine Waters’ husband – pending further revelations. With
benefits, his total annual compensation, according to the Los Angeles
Times, came to $1.5 million a year.

to the Bell situation, the White House quickly added the Bell city
manager to the list of jobs saved by its stimulus plan.

only that, but Rizzo was entitled to 28 weeks off a year for vacation
and sick leave. To put that in perspective, that’s almost as much
vacation time as public-school teachers get!

Reached in Spain, even Michelle Obama was outraged.

responded to the anger over his preposterous salary by saying: "If
that’s a number people choke on, maybe I’m in the wrong business. I
could go into private business and make that money."

he wants to grab one of those private-sector jobs that pays $1.5
million for 24 weeks of work, may I suggest the entertainment industry?)

Coulter’s wit and wisdom up close and personal as she headlines WND’s
Taking America Back national conference this fall!

luck to him. After leaving Bell, Rizzo will be lucky to land a job at
Taco Bell. Before being anointed the King Tut of Bell, Rizzo was the
city manager of Hesperia, Calif., where he was overpaid only to the tune
of $78,000 a year.

Bell police chief, Randy Adams, was making $457,000 – $770,046
including benefits. The assistant city manager, Angela Spaccia, had a
$376,288 salary, with a total compensation package of $845,960. Being
just an assistant city manager, Angela had to pay for her own yacht.

the Los Angeles Times reported the stratospheric government salaries in
little Bell, and the people of the town revolted, the millionaire
government employees all resigned.

show ’em! Oops, except upon their resignations, they qualified for
lifetime pensions worth, by some estimates, more than $50 million.

insane salary packages were granted by the mayor and four city council
members – who also set their own salaries. As a result, all but one was
making $100,000 a year for these part-time jobs. After the council
members’ salaries came to light, the four looters cut their salaries by
90 percent.

to Nexis, there have been more than 300 news stories reporting on the
Bell scandal. Guess how many mentioned the party affiliation of the
corrupt government bureaucrats?

Yes, just one. Now guess if the government officials were Democrats or
Republicans? Yes, that is correct. Congratulations – you’ve qualified
for our bonus round!

one newspaper to cough up party affiliations, the Orange County
Register, admitted that the corrupt officials were all Democrats only in
response to reader complaints about the peculiar omission.

of news stories on the scandal in Bell used the word "Democrat" or
"Democratic." But that was only to say that the DEMOCRATIC attorney
general of California, Jerry Brown, who is running on the DEMOCRATIC
ticket for governor, is investigating the Bell officials’ salaries.

we know the media are aware of party affiliations. They just chose not
to mention it when it would require them to identify shockingly corrupt
government officials as Democrats.

(Column continues below)

Any day now, the media will start describing Maxine Waters as "the light-skinned congresswoman from California."

you might want to vote for that DEMOCRATIC attorney general who is
apparently a great crusader against corruption … despite his years of
ignoring the public employee salary and pension looting that has driven
the state into insolvency.)

Maybe Obama’s Czar of City Managers’ Salaries could investigate this.

unlike political corruption involving sex or bribery, the outrage in
Bell isn’t a scandal that hits both parties from time to time – it’s how
the Democrats govern.

Democratic officials bestow ludicrous salaries and benefits packages on
government employees, and, in return, public employee unions make sure
the Democrats keep getting re-elected.

scandal in Bell isn’t a scandal at all for the Democrats. Au contraire!
This is the governing strategy of the Democratic Party.

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