What If Illegal Aliens Were Deported?

Satire, By John W. Lillpop

Small thinkers like Barack Obama,
and nearly all Democrats continue to perpetuate the outrageous myth
that America cannot deport upwards of 38 million illegal aliens.

To which sane patriots immediately demand: Why the Hades not?

After all, each and every one of the interlopers came here one at a time; let us send them home the same way!

To facilitate that process, the list below provides a partial rendering of the goodies that
would come our way if deportations started in earnest this afternoon:

*Emergency rooms would be used to treat medical emergencies, instead of being day care centers for freeloading foreign parasites;

*California would again be a blue state. Perhaps, in time, the Golden State might even be a safe haven for flying the American flag and other "jingoistic" excesses;

*Leaf blowers and Se Hablo Espanol signs would go the way of analog televisions and pay phones;

*Food like nachos, tacos, and burritos would be imported treats, rather than being hawked on every street corner by non-English speaking hawkers;

would decline sharply as sedentary Americans would be forced to mow
their own lawns, clean their own homes, and wash their own cars;

*San Francisco’s population would be reduced to a few thousand gay activists, a mentally and morally retarded Board of
Supervisors, and a mayor with a promising future in gay porn, but absolutely no future in politics or law;

inmate population would plunge 30 percent, forcing federal, state, and
local authorities to close hundreds of prisons and jails, saving
taxpayers hundreds of billions each year;

*Welcome to America! would replace subversive "Press 1 for English" recorded messages;

*Demand for bilingual teachers would decline to the same level as for typewriter and VCR repair technicians;

*Unemployed and unemployable ACLU attorneys would be forced to flip burgers and scoop fries at McDonald’s just to survive. Justice at last!;

*The Catholic Church
would revert to being a "sanctuary pew" for gay priests, pedophiles in
training, and poor white trailer trash too hooked on cigarettes and
booze to be Mormons;

*Fast food restaurants would no longer exist, forcing Americans to feast on tofu and celery, thereby putting
hundreds of cardiac surgeons out of work;

*Instead of a huge budget deficit, California would have an obscene surplus–taxes would be cut 20 percent;

*Welfare fraud and ID theft would no longer be considered as major crimes in those FBI statistics reports;

Villagarosa would be picking avocados in Salinas rather than destroying
the once great city of Los Angeles as it’s Mayor;

*Both chambers of the US Congress would still be controlled by Republicans, rather than being in the hands of the enemy;

*W.Bush would be forced to learn proper English, rather than relying on illegal aliens to make him sound good by comparison!

poor illegal aliens from "Living in the Shadows of American society"
would no longer be the rallying cry for millions of Marxist wusses
intent on destroying our great nation!

What do you think?


John W. Lillpop

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