Perfect Birthday Gift for America: “Stupid Ideas Czar”

John W. Lillpop

On this day for celebration of
America’s 234th birthday, we need a gift to we the people from our

Here is a thought: America’s precipitious slide into
to a Marxist, third-world abyss while under the non-leadership of a 48
year old spoiled brat who is reckless and fickle, and unfit for command,
demands that a “stupid ideas” czar be installed to filter out his most
dangerous ideas before they can be implemented.

ideas like closing GITMO and trying KSM in New York City. Like a trillion dollar
stimulus bill that has failed to stop the historic rise in unemployment.
Like flying off to Copenhagen to campaign for the City of Chicago, only
to be humiliated by the IOC.

Like criticizing American policy
and leaders while on foreign soil.

And on and on it goes. An
aggressive “Stupid Ideas” czar would have nipped those Obama blunders

Unfortunately, the elected Congressional officials
charged with providing “over sight” of the Executive Branch are too
danged old to see their own flaws, much less those of our dithering

Consider the ages of these Congressional stalwarts:

Robert Byrd (92 at time
of death)

Does any one honestly believe that a geezer in
his 70s or older gives a
tinker’s dam about running up a federal debt that will be due and
payable two generations hence?

The liberals listed above are
interested in one thing and one thing only: Spend as much of your
on socialized medicine,illegal aliens, global
warming scams and other foolishness as needed to remain in power!


course they insist that they are “public servants,” but with all due
respect, just how much service is Nancy Pelosi providing? The beach is a
mindless nutball who thinks thaat unemployment checks can spark an
economic recovery!

Seems to me that a real public servant would
do the honorable thing by getting out of the way and allowing a younger,
more able Republican to take his fractured seat in the Senate.

a 4th of July
message to Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, McCain, and Reid:

office now and let your career end with an act of grace and
dedication to the best interests of the American people.

Yes, I know that
John McCain is a Republican. But folks the man is more liberal than some
communists, and he is just too old to be trusted with the awesome power
granted to a US Senator.

need a mandatory
retirement age
for the weasels in Congress. How about 65?

the people also need a “stupid ideas” Czar to keep Obama from ruining
his family name and America with stupid policies!

Happy 4th!

W. Lillpop

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