This Independence Day, It Is Appropriate to Fly Old Glory Upside Down

John W. Lillpop

Flying the American flag upside down sends
an urgent message on behalf of American Patriots.

That message
is simply: Our nation is under attack and is greatly distressed!

there ever been a time when American culture, language, and values were
in greater danger than at the present time?

With an unbowed,
anti-American Marxist in the White House and Marxists in control of Congress, the state
of our union is
precarious and getting worse by the day.

Us the people have
foolishly elected a president who is bent on destroying capitalism and
replacing it with socialism, a bankrupt ideology which has failed
everywhere it has been attempted.

Our naive and inexperienced
president has wasted trillions of dollars of American treasure, and, in
so doing, has driven our national debt to levels not seen since World
War 11, a financial disaster that seriously impedes jobs growth and any
hope for economic recovery.

This anti-American president has
taken the side of terrorists in the global war on terror.

He has targeted
private enterprise for bankruptcy through government abuse. He has used
the tax code to punish successful Americans for being successful.

has weakened the U.S.
by ignoring the rights and wishes of heterosexuals in
order to appease the gay community.

He has ignored the will of
the people by ramming
Marxist health care down the throats of an unwilling public.

has enthusiastically participated in the scandalous circumvention of
conventional rules and procedures in order to pass ObamaCare.

continues to ignore the will of the people by promoting an amnesty
scheme that would reward tens of millions of invading criminals for
violating our borders and immigration

He has taken the side of foreign nation Mexico by
opposing the American
state of Arizona
and its attempts to deal with illegal
immigration, an out-of-control crisis hat he refuses to take
responsibility for.

He has failed to grasp the severity of the
worst environmental
in history, thereby making an effective response

He has made a mockery of America throughout the
world with stupid, immature, and naive words and actions that make our
once great nation appear weak and second class.

aggravated by
unimaginable arrogance has rendered Barack Hussein Obama more
calamitous to America than Pearl
and 9/11 combined.

In recognition of what Barack Obama and his
Marxist cohorts mean to America, Old Glory should be flown upside down
on Independence Day!

and God Bless America!

W. Lillpop

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